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There is much to be said for writing a blog. It is a release from daily life and a personal platform in which to air one’s thoughts and opinions to the general public. Despite this blog originally being a forum for general discussion, current affairs, political topics and the like, it has, by dictation of what has proven most popular with it’s readers, evolved into one which focuses on a subject far more specific. Namely, that of sex. 
I am more than happy to write about sex, in fact, it’s fair to say, given a choice between debating the deepening housing situation in Central London and the best way to give a blow job, I am more interested (and considerably more learned) in the latter. 
There are 2 primary advantages to being owner of such a blog. 
  1. I am able to pen my inner most thoughts to an intelligent audience with whom I can then debate various topics. 
  2. I get sent free vibrators. 
I am, indeed, a woman of depth. Ahem.
Before reviewing the item in question I thought it might be interesting to consider the origins of such an object.
For centuries, doctors had been treating women for a wide variety of illnesses by performing what is now recognised as masturbation The “pelvic massage” was especially common in the treatment of female hysteria during the Victorian Era, as the point of such manipulation was to cause “hysterical paroxysm” (orgasm) in the patient. However, not only did they regard the “vulvar stimulation” required as having nothing to do with sex, but reportedly found it time-consuming and hard work, and so the vibrator was born.
Perfection. Has ever an object had such a brilliant origin. What is not to love about a tool which acts to treat female hysteria … and there’s me thinking Sauvignon Blanc worked well.
So considering that the vibrator itself started of as a medical tool, perhaps it should come as no surprise that many of them actually quite resemble something that should be used in a Victorian operating theatre, either that or a replica of the most unsightly penis seen in your entire adult life …
Erurggg. Quite revolting. 
Calling all makers of silicone based love toys … This is not arousing nor is it  something we would want to whip out of our knicker draw mid lovemaking for some extra cotial fun. This, however, is … 
The Kissing Swan subtle, sexy, powerful and rechargeable.
On reflection the fact that I could charge this baby up from a socket with no need to live without a remote control for a week because I’ve borrowed the batteries, proves equally as exciting to me as the fact that it also supplies most excellent orgasms on demand could be seen as slightly worrying. But, yes that does excite me … and it should you too. Just don’t be surprised when you check your phone in the middle to the night and it starts to vibrate, it might not be a text message. 
Added to which, The Kissing Swan is the most powerful vibrator on the market, making it best product line in Europe and luxury toy line of the year in North America, mildly boring PR waffle, but also a pretty safe guarantee that you are likely to reach spectacular orgasmic levels on purchase, or, at the very least, clear up your mild female hysteria. 
Sadly I have none to give away and you are certainly not having mine (hours of fun, I tell you, hours.)
but I’d recommend you head here, Swanvibes and treat yourself immediately, far more entertaining than a new pair of shoes. 
Oh, and did I mention that it’s waterproof? … now I’ve got ya.
Swan is also available at Anne Summers , Simplypleasure and  Pulse and Cocktails .
katyGood Vibrations.

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