With The Growing Trend of Sex Toys for Christmas – Find Out What You’ll be Getting in Your Stocking This Year

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In light of the growing trend of people purchasing sex toys as gifts, and the revelation that a whopping two thirds of females receive their first sex toy from a friend, LELO has revealed its new Personal Shopper Quiz aimed at taking the stress out of selecting the best sex toy presents.

LELO’s new quiz helps people find the best sex toy gifts to select for lovers, friends and, of course, themselves. With 5 easy questions, the Personal Shopper Quiz takes the stress out of trying to find the best product and serves up some great suggestions.

The quiz can be taken at www.lelo.com/personal-shopper-quiz and, based on the user’s answers, it serves up several award-winning products that will make the ideal naughty and nice gift this festive season.

LELO CMO, Steve Thomson said: “We recently held a live chat on our website and were delighted to realize that many of the customers we talked to were actually sitting beside their partner browsing our collection together. Many of our retailers have also seen the same thing in their stores; couples come in together looking advice.

“A LELO is a long-term investment in pleasure for couples and with so many products on offer it can be difficult to know which one to choose. We realized it was our responsibility to help people make the right decision. Our new quiz helps to serve our fans with the most suitable LELO pleasure products based on their individual preferences, helping to empower people to understand their own sexual desires. A LELO is not just for Christmas after all, a LELO’s for life.”

So what sort of gift can we expect to see recommended by the quiz?

Here’s a taster to get you in the giving mood…

The Perfect Gift For Both

UnknownTIANI™ 24k

The current top seller both on LELO, the TIANI™ 24k is set to be the best seller for Christmas and Valentine’s Day. Sometimes the best presents we get our partner are the ones we also get to enjoy, and TIANI™ 24k is a prime example. Sealed with a 24 karat gold kiss, this vibrating couples’ massager, worn during intercourse, ensures shared sensations when making love.


The Perfect Gift For Him

The new HUGO™ has quickly risen to be the second most popular product in LELO’s entire portfolio. Whether your partner is already pro-prostate stimulation or just interested in starting to explore it, this remote-controlled prostate massager represents an entirely new way to think of men’s pleasure for solo or partnered pleasure.



The perfect gifts for her

Unknown-3LELO_INA-Wave_Product_CeriseLILY™ 2LELO_INA-Wave_Product_Cerise
The LILY™ 2 is an upgrade of LELO’s very first ever product and worldwide bestseller, the iconic LILY™. The new model is petite and pleasantly scented. It’s an external vibe that’s perfect for power queens and sex toy beginners alike and can be discreetly used when making love too.

INA Wave™

LELO’s innovative WaveMotion™ rabbit-style vibrator provides a “come hither” stimulation that took the sex toy world by storm, selling out in many retailers on its launch day. With moves like you’ve never seen before, it’s no wonder the INA Wave™ became an instant bestseller.



katyWith The Growing Trend of Sex Toys for Christmas – Find Out What You’ll be Getting in Your Stocking This Year

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