The Most Annoying Thing a Man Can Do Before a Date.

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Online dating has, without question, changed the face of dating forever. The advantage of the increased availability of singles at the swipe of a button is that, these days, if you put the graft in, it’s pretty easy to score yourself a date. The disadvantage – people have become disposable, and no longer feel they owe each other the courtesy of basic manners.

Easy come, easy go, as it were.

I’ll admit I often fall foul of this myself, the minute I’m bored by online chat I switch off, often not bothering to explain my exit, but expecting the textee to know the score when they haven’t heard back from me after the ‘Hey, where did you go?’ text.

Yep, my bad.

However, there are certain of levels of decency even I, as a veteran online dater, still uphold. Namely that, after having made an arrangement, I stick to it.

Because, God knows, online dating is time-consuming enough, without, spending your afternoon preparing for a date, only to be cancelled at the eleventh hour.

I mention this because I was talking to a friend recently, who is online dating – being in her late thirties, she feels, in order to meet someone, she has a number of options, which include …

- Standing around in West End bars spending a fortune on over-priced cocktails and trying to keep up with 25-year-old TOWIE look-a-likes in the hope of meeting someone socially.
- Retraining as a scaffolder, aka a career which has a disproportionate male to female ration.
- Joining a bridge/running/golf club.
- Going back to exes who drove her mad at the time but suddenly don’t seem so bad.
- Online dating.

So, online dating it is.

Last week, however, despite doing her best to keep upbeat about the situation, she was cancelled on.

Now, make no mistake, I get that shit happens and people do occasionally need to bail, but when it’s an hour before the event, it’s annoying. Very annoying.

Because, as strangers, it’s true, you don’t owe each other anything. But if you’re ill, or your granny just died, or your dog ate your homework …  aren’t these things you know in advance of an hour before a sodding date?


Is it possible that your date, *might* want to make plans should they have an unexpectadly free evening? Because, it’s not the cancelling, per se, that’s irritating, it’s the choice of time to do it.

We’re not asking for dinner in Paris, or a barber shop quartet to turn up on our door step to announce the date venue – just the basic courtesy of considering that, when you do feel ill the morning of a date, you let them know.

So come on guys, we all get that it’s exhausting and that, until you actually meet, people are just pictures on a screen – but when online dating is hard enough – do yourself a favour and remember your manners, and give your date some notice.

Because ain’t no fury like a girl fully waxed and blow dried reading a text about man flu and hour before the event.

Oh hell, Ok, it was me – I paid for a God damn babysitter too, the wanker.

katyThe Most Annoying Thing a Man Can Do Before a Date.

3 Comments on “The Most Annoying Thing a Man Can Do Before a Date.”

  1. Paddy

    I read this yesterday and funnily enough my Tinder date bailed on me an hour before the date. (My first this year.) Although she was polite about it, I totally agree at how annoying it is! I could have made alternative plans. Oh well, at least I know she’s not the one without paying for a date. (Always look at the positives haha)

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