My Inner Cowgirl – Reverse Style

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images-4I had such fun recently talking to the gorgeous Dominnique Karetsos, founder of the Hot Milk Podcast – on the trials and tribulations of sex after having a baby, yikes! Not a subject that often comes up at dinner parties, but one which revelled itself to be both fascinating and hilarious in equal measure. I’m thrilled, now, to introduce Dominique to my blog, giving us her take on sex after having a baby … and a revelation, I’m honoured to have given her, yee ha!  ;  ) 

Enjoy … 


Dominnique Karetsos

Be still my ever tightening southern regions. THANK YOU to one Katy Horwood, who I recently had the pleasure of having on ep9 of Hotmilkpodcast – In the midst of our chatter about the naked truths of sex after baby, Katy revealed the best sex position post birth.

Want to take a guess?

The Reverse Cowgirl OF COURSE!

Now this may come as no surprise to the nimble and libidinous, but to me, it was like revealing the earth as round. Earthshattering ground breaking news to me.

The thought of post baby sex was a minefield on its own for me and one that took a while to rediscover my personal roadmaps to what I now consider the upgraded version of my sensuality and physical nod of approval. But just when I thought I could get comfy, I find myself as a single woman and mother of one, whose let’s say “maps” have not been travelled in a very long time.

The thought of revealing my sexy self to another reduces me to a bundle of nerve twitching, nose crinkling , one eye closed, hyperventilating fumbling idiot. Yup – not quite the sexy shameless minx I was aiming for. It’s been so long I’m convinced if not reclassified as a virgin, at the very least, I could be considered for sacrificial offering.

So when Katy mentioned the ‘Reverse Cowgirl’ as the way to go for the best sex position post birth – AH HA! Eureka moment, why didn’t I think of this – it hit me – this really is the best position for me, especially since feeling a little shaky navigating the unchartered sexual currents.

Reverse Cowgirl means all my tight bits robustly writhe and by tight I mean stretched out back fat and cellulite ass smoothed out like an iced cake, while leaving those realigned organs causing unexplainable fatty bulges below to jiggle away in stealth mode. What more can a woman ask for, ok maybe dimmed lights and some hot ice in peripheral areas obscuring any hanging bits and bobs. #JLOW step aside. Dom’s in the Bordeaux !

They, you know, the infamous unidentifiable “they” say getting back into dating and sex is like riding a bicycle – well guess what? I don’t even know how to ride a bloody bicycle, so that’s useless to me and the one attempt I made at it, felt beyond a BDSM moment to say the least. So instead of trying to learn to ride a bicycle, I have decided to make a play for falling in love with my newly single post baby body doused with a healthy dose of self-confidence (work in progress, often curtailed by hurtling cupcakes), sprinkled with some courage, and armed with Katy’s brilliant reveal – all of which should give me everything I need to test out my inner cowgirl, in reverse. Now all I need is a new mount to nuzzle me into action.

For those of who are lucky enough to have gotten over this hump or many for that matter, please do share your wisdom with the likes of us nervous newbees. I’ll be sure to keep a close eye on Katy’s blog All Sweetness and Life for some further tips and tricks.

And Katy darling, may my ride into my new found libidinous self not be filled with images of you but be rest assured I’ll send you a thank you card, now where did I put those spurs …

Dom, founder of Hotmilk Podcast

Twitter: @hotmilkpodcast





katyMy Inner Cowgirl – Reverse Style

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