How To Meet A Man You Are Really Interested In.

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I’m excited to introduce John Muir to my blog, leading expert and author on the subject of love and relationships and here to give us some great advice on how to go about meeting the right man for you and why adjusting your mindset and habits a little can lead to great things …


So it’s the age old question how to meet men that you are actually truly interested in. Many women walk down this path and feel clueless as there are so many men out there that simply don’t fit the bill. So how do you change your luck? How do you instead focus on the right type of guy and then get him? Though there are some great tactics to help you, it also starts with YOU. It’s something that a lot of women can’t believe, but finding that great guy all starts within you.

The first thing to think about is what you want out of a guy. Yes we all go through the phase where any guy will do because we so desperately want a man that we don’t care. Get past that and move onto the next phase! You want a man but the right type of guy—so what is the right type of guy for you? What works for you is not going to work for the next woman, so think long and hard about what you want in a man and then you can devise your strategy.

Learn From The Past To Focus On The Future.

Think about what has gone wrong in the past and how ex-boyfriends have let you down. Consider what you did wrong, but also what the man was lacking. Write it down for you need to know the drawbacks just as much as the positives in the right guy. Consider focusing on the things that matter to you the most for then you can get in touch with a good guy who is worth your time. You don’t know where to look for the right guy if you don’t know who he is or what he’s all about.

As you think of how to meet men you are really interested in it’s really about figuring out who he is. So many women settle or jump at the chance at a date, but does that ever end well? Sure you may have that chance meeting at the bar, but those are not usually good relationship starters. If you want a man who is out for a good time and no commitment then try the bar. If however you want a man of substance and who you can see being in a relationship then look elsewhere.

Go out on a date if it is being set up for you by friends or family that you trust. Try online dating or local dating organizations. You may get a simple lunch meeting with a local guy that is looking for the same things you are.

Try the various organizations out there for singles in your area, as you just never know where this may lead. There are bound to be plenty of men out there who want the same things as you, and you never know until you try.

Find The Right Man In The Right Place.

If you wonder how to meet men you are interested in and for which there may be long term potential then go to the right places. Coffee houses, nice restaurants, ski club, wine groups, or the many other local organizations, clubs, or groups can work well. You have many single people all in one place who are interested in the same sort of things. Find common interests and be sure that you are always focused on the traits and issues that really matter.

In trying to think of how to meet men you are interested in it means taking matters into your own hands and getting a bit creative. Be in control of what it means to search for a man, and be certain that it’s always the right type of man. Be sure that you are looking in the right places, but also that you are living your life and never there out of desperation.

Put yourself into the mindframe of the right guy and it will lead you towards him. Be positive about your search and have fun with the dating process, and you will be sure of how to meet men you are interested in—for you will have success and end up with a great guy who truly makes you happy. That’s what it’s all about in the end, right?

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