From Bespoke Blindfolds to Gold Vibrators – My Awesome Day at SexpoUK

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12219336_10153790880399525_7540434000915251028_nThis weekend I had an awesome time at SexpoUK 2015 –  the leading ‘sexual health and lifestyle exhibition’ held at London Olympia, which guarantees ‘outrageous’ entertainment and some fab retail therapy – and, whether you are interested in  spicing up your sex life or  broadening your sexual horizons it didn’t fail to deliver!

From catching up with the gorgeous Lexi Lowe, to discovering there is such a thing as a male vibrator (a guybrator – boom, boom) There was much fun had throughout the day.

A few of my favourite things from the event include …


A latex vagina you say? I hadn’t noticed.

-  S**t loads of vibrators

Which I *always* approve of.

Despite being the most mainstream of sex toys, when it comes to design and functionality we’ve come a long way since the old rampant rabbit found its way to every self-respecting sock drawer, and there was certainly no shortage on display this weekend.

From a gold-plated vibrator from LELO which literally looked like a work of art, to the most powerful vibrator in the world (think pneumatic drill on your clitoris the size of a large avocado and you’re someway there) there wasn’t a size, shape or vibrate setting that was neglected.



And it wasn’t just the girls who were catered for either. Check out the PULSE – or  ‘The Guybrator’, which is the worlds first male vibrator – a  stimulator that uses oscillations to stimulate the man or, to you and me, a sex toy that means easy street for all the w***kers out there. Brilliant, and actually surprisingly attractive to look at.

For the men whose strong point has never been subtlety however, there was also a life-size pulsating latex vagina. Or, roughly translated, an updated (and at six hundred quid a pop, slightly more expensive) blow up doll. Feels like a fanny, looks like a fanny, and doesn’t want pillow talk after you’ve come, yeah – I get why they sold out.


Don’t look too excited

- Naked men covered in paint

Talking of willies, one of the highlights of the day for me was Penis Picasso aka some old bloke painting portraits with his dick – yes really, and perhaps more surprising than a multicoloured foreskin was that they weren’t half bad either  - and are worth the money just for the dinner party small talk.

- Kinky s**t

I like to think of myself as quite an adventurous girl but some of the exhibits had me gasping – from iron chastity belts to a puppy pride petting corner – brace yourselves,  a network for those into pet play – which basically means you dress up as a dog and get taken for walks by your ‘leader’.  (But also meant I fed a grown man chocolate buttons, patted  his head and called him a good boy – why aren’t my relationships that easy?) There really was something for everyone – no matter how ‘specific’ your turn on.

- Some top (shelf) girls


Gorgeous Lexi Lowe

I had the delight of chatting with a number of adult film actresses who were down to earth and charming. The further I delve into the world of sex – reporting on at it least – the more convinced I am that women working within the sex industry are so massively misrepresented. Often seen as manipulated and  controlled, the women I have spoken to so far have been quite the opposite. That’s not to say it’s always the case (that’s for another post) but Lexi Lowe, for example – is a fierce advocate of the industry and brilliant at branding herself in a competitive industry.

Tanya Tate was super too and *ten* times winner of MILF of the year.

Get. In.

- Whips, ropes and chains


The Luvve mirror

From gas masks to collars and cuffs, furry ears, bags, whips, horns headdresses, no creations are ever the same, everything is unique and individual at Lady Sea, all created from sustainable sources – and some amazing japanese bondage rope tying made me grateful it was only a coat and a glass of wine I was having the juggle on my way round.

- Mirrors, mirrors on the wall … 

‘Beautifully designed for enjoyment and discretion, the LUVVU mirror provides a seductive and sensual experience which enhances intimacy and heightens passion.’


Here doggie!

Also known as a detachable ceiling mirror allowing you and your partner to watch your live bonkfests as they happen – which beats Coronation re-runs wouldn’t you agree.

- Masterclasses in …

Blowjobs, male masturbation, BDSM, spanking, sex toys, pole dancing and how to pull a porn star.

You have a question about sex, a curiosity or just fancy a fun day out – SexpoUK answers it all.

And had a champagne bar – bespoke blindfolds, hot adult film stars *and* champagne – what’s not to love about that?

katyFrom Bespoke Blindfolds to Gold Vibrators – My Awesome Day at SexpoUK

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