As Kim Kardashian Strips Off Again – Why I Am Sick Of The Word ‘Empowerment’

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They say, in London, you are never further than six feet away from a rat, it would also appear you are never more than six feet away from another shameless publicity stunt from Kim Kardashian.

A few days ago she posted a selfie online, fully naked, captioned ‘I have nothing to wear LOL’. This, in itself, is pretty un-noteworthy, aside from the irony that she doesn’t see how gross it is for a woman who spends more money on clothes in a day than most women do in a lifetime, to make such a throwaway comment – what was more interesting was the open letter she wrote following the selfie -

“I am empowered by my sexuality. I am empowered by feeling comfortable in my skin. I am empowered by showing the world my flaws and not being afraid of what anyone is going to say about me. And I hope that through this platform I have been given, I can encourage the same empowerment for girls and women all over the world.”

Now, make no mistake – her body her choice – I personally couldn’t care less about who strips off for whom and for what reason, so familiar are we with Kim Kardashian’s naked backside it feels like internet wallpaper, however, to do so and then complain about the attention it receives is where I get a bit confused.

Kim Kardashian has built a career on manipulating the media and the public, specifically on social media, in order to generate controversy and hype around her ‘brand’. To complain about the reaction her well-considered, attention-seeking selfies receive, is slightly in the school of ‘biting the hand that feeds you’, wouldn’t you say.

After all, It’s this very criticism that makes her the millions she thrives off, it’s what fuels her narcissistic ambitions and without it she’d be nothing more than just another deluded rich kid from the Hollywood Hills.

She goes on to claim that her naked selfies are nothing to do with publicity but more a demonstration of empowerment and owning her sexuality.

Oh, please, somebody spare me the faux-feminist b*****t, her naked selfie is nothing more than another publicity stunt in her fame-hungry agenda to keep on the front pages.

Empowerment – the most over-used word in the modern-day dictionary, and the go-to reason for women to do what ever they want and completely shut down anyone who disagrees with it.

Be naked, dye your under-arm hair, breast feed your neighbours triplets in the middle of a supermarket, record a pop song wearing a massive strap-on … we couldn’t care less! But then don’t insult the people you are going out of your way to get attention from by condemning their reaction.

If Kim Kardashian wanted us to buy her empowerment tripe, she should fess up about her naked selfies, ‘Hell yeah, my naked ass is all about publicity, keeping the Kardashian cogs going and to hell with the lot of you!’

Now that, I would buy.

Kim Kardashian isn’t a slut for posing naked on the internet but she is a fame whore – and the fact that woman strip naked in exchange for likes is not the problem with our society, it’s that they do it and then attribute it to a higher cause, some sort of feminist crusade about entitlement and ownership – and shut down anyone who so much as dares comment on it.

If she doesn’t want to be judged for her actions, maybe she should think about keeping her clothes on – but that’s never going to happen is it, because, let’s be honest, without showing the world her ass at every opportunity, she’d be yesterdays news.

So Kim, take your clothes off, beg the world for attention and media-whore yourself out to the highest bidder, but don’t mug us off by pretending it has anything to do with empowerment.

Even your fans aren’t that stupid.

katyAs Kim Kardashian Strips Off Again – Why I Am Sick Of The Word ‘Empowerment’

7 Comments on “As Kim Kardashian Strips Off Again – Why I Am Sick Of The Word ‘Empowerment’”

  1. Naomi

    So true… As usual, she just can’t be yesterday news. When it seems she is fading away… She pulls her stunts. Such a great read about the deception of Kim Kardashian

  2. Pete

    In my view one word describes what she did. PATHETIC.
    Does she really need the exposure (no pun intended)?

  3. Peter

    Tell me something? Who gives a damn about Kim?

    I mean, think about it, she was given the opportunity to become famous simply because of a rich father, right? Otherwise (in my opinion) she has little assets (not only referring to her body) and offers nothing to the world except attention seeking. And while I have complete respect for writers, I see huge irony in doing such a write up on her which only spreads more information about her through the Internet (seems like she wins either way, so why help her if you are sick of what she is doing?).

    If every single person was to simply ignore the attention seeking Kim, she would fizzle out to nothing.
    We all know the “empowerment” comment is a load of BS without having to be told about it….but on an other note, there are plenty out there that love to follow Kim which results in her popularity and quiet frankly as boring and nuts as that sounds, everyone is entitled to do so.

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