#50GamesToPlay – How to Sex Up Your Valentine’s Day.

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When it comes to sex, Durex certainly know what they are talking about. With over 80 years in the industry, they are amongst the most trusted experts in sexual health and well-being –  not just keeping the nation’s sex life save but making it all the more enjoyable too.

It is with excitement then, that I introduce to you their recently launched and highly anticipated #50GamesToPlay campaign.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, there is no better time to encourage couples to live out their fantasies, explore each other’s bodies and experience the excitement of great sex rather than just reading about it (or watching films of which shall remain nameless!)

There comes a time in all long-term relationships where the passion is no longer as intense as it was when you were first getting to know one another. It’s important to introduce new and different things into your daily repertoire to keep the relationship – and the sex – interesting.

50gamestoplay article image 267 x 362And that’s why #50GamesToPlay is so fab, acting as a goldmine of new and interesting games for couples to play, from private dancing to pleasuring your partner using only your mouth, you have a fun and sexy bank of ideas to add a bit of extra spice to your relationship.


Forget cheap flowers and crowded restaurants, what could be sexier on Valentine’s Day than a chance to inspire and excite your partner in bed.

Launched alongside the video is the #50GamesToPlay Guide – a bespoke handbook of sex tips, games and inspiration to help couples inject more fun to their sex life.

Accompanied by great photos – genuinely erotic, not tacky and brash, #50GamesToPlay takes out the all too often tacky and a bit cringe-worthy aspect of traditional sex tips and games and presents itself as a seriously sexy archive of ideas and inspirations for the bedroom.


So what are you waiting for this Valentine’s Day? Forget chocolates and cuddly toys, let Durex help you spice up your sex life and introduce you to the games that *real* grown-ups play.




katy#50GamesToPlay – How to Sex Up Your Valentine’s Day.

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