Looking For a Holiday Romance? – Here’s Why a Cruise Might Be Just The Thing …

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When it comes to travelling solo, I love the idea of discovering new places and meeting new people for a few weeks, totally on your own. Not only is holidaying alone liberating, but, it can make a standard break into a real adventure. I’d encourage everyone to do it (regardless of whether you’re in a relationship or not!) and is why I’m thrilled to welcome Cruise Club UK to blog to tell us all why a cruise might just be just the thing to transform your annual break and open you up to a whole new world of experiences …

If your idea of a cruise consists of married couples and pensioners, or even more family-orientated cruises with clowns and kids running around, then think again. You don’t have to be in a committed relationship to commit to enjoying a luxury cruise. Not only is this decadent form of travel now opening up to become more affordable to single travellers, but you may find that you don’t come back to shore alone.

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Single holidays rock!

The ‘Single Supplement’ Is Becoming a Thing of the Past

Unlike in some hotels, there’s no extra charges for those who want to travel alone on NCL Cruises. Indeed, most cruise lines are now realising that singles who want to cruise is a wide open market. NCL Cruises currently has the best options for travelling solo without a single supplement. NCL don’t ask you to share with another single — which if you’re planning on meeting someone, could a little inconvenient, to say the least.

If a shared cabin doesn’t sound so bad, as you’re cruising on a budget and want to get a last-minute cruise deal on your room, check out Holland America. If you’re lucky, you’ll bond with your roommate as they’ll also be a single cruising alone. It’s also a great option if you’re worried about loneliness.

The Most Common Solo Travel Fears Don’t Apply Here

View of the city of Monaco by night. French Riviera

View of the city of Monaco by night. French Riviera

In a HostelWorld survey, the most common reasons cited by women for not travelling alone are fear for their safety, fear of loneliness, and pressure from their family. These worries are totally negated on a luxury cruise. Issues like searching for your hotel in the dead of night are now a thing of the past, as you just go back to your cosy cabin on the sea. Everyone is (quite literally) in the same boat as you, so you also have a good chance of bumping into people on your travels and sticking together.

Many Cruise Lines Offer Singles Events

Did you know that a lot of cruise lines employ lead dancers, so that no one who wants to dance is left without a partner? Not only will your dance card not be left empty, but neither will your schedule, with mingling cocktail parties, speed dating, shore excursions, classes, seminars, hand-picked compatible dining companions, and many other thoughtful touches to ensure you’re not left alone.

A cruise can be an excellent place to meet people with the same interests as you — and we’re not just talking about cruising as an interest. Imagine a small town, where people spend the whole time doing only what they love and are interested in, and no one has to work. For the duration of your cruise, that’s what the ship is. You can take part in anything from ice skating to learning a new language. There are usually online events in the days before you set sail to meet your fellow cruisers, so you even if you’ve got a last minute cruise deal, you’ll have time to strike up relationships before you meet.


If you’re interested in dancing and partying, the lively club and bar is where you’ll meet people. If, however, you like more literary pursuits, then you can head to the library and to seminars. If you’re active, meet someone on the tennis court or up the climbing wall. There are endless possibilities on cruises to try something new and meet someone new at the same time. If you’re cruising from the UK, you’ll all be coming back to the same place, so there’ll be no worries of your new paramore living on the other side of the world.


Cruises Are LGBT Friendly


If you’re looking to cruise with your significant other to sunnier climes, or if you’re looking to meet someone but not worry about discrimination from staff, locals and fellow holidayers, cruises are one of your best options. You can now even have a romantic same-sex wedding at sea and celebrate with your family and friends on the open water under blue skies.


Whether you meet someone or not on your luxury cruise, remember to enjoy yourself. Singles cruises aren’t just a great way to meet a potential romantic partner; they’re a chance to experience a change of scenery and meet like-minded singles with the same interests as you. Take a last minute cruise from the UK and come home with more friends than you can name in the time it takes to savour your pina colada.


Paul Edge, director of Cruise Club UK, has spent over 25 years working to improve the travel industry. When not in the office, he’s in an exotic location user-testing one of his luxury cruises.


katyLooking For a Holiday Romance? – Here’s Why a Cruise Might Be Just The Thing …

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