Mad Hatters, Tequila .. And a Snog at The End of The Night – My Evening With The Inner Circle.

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Eat me

I’ve been to my fair share of ‘networking’ (read:singles) event and would be lying if I didn’t say that, the majority of them turn out to be fairly disappointing – either the venue is a let down or the calibre of guest, fairly underwhelming. It made a refreshing change, then, to join The Inner Circle on Saturday night, at the fab central London members club – Century club, for copious amounts of Perrier-Jouët champagne and … *winces* …  tequila.

Needless to say it was an awesome night (and not *just* because of the tequila.)

The night, itself, was called ‘down the rabbit hole’ which sounds a bit like a porn film involving small animals but was actually an evening themed with all things Alice in Wonderland, from white rabbits  and giant playing cards to mini ‘drink me’ bottles, it was a novel way of getting the party atmosphere going and certainly provided ample opportunity for selfies!

The drinks were free-flowing and there was a genuinely good crowd there – a balanced amount of guys and girls, there also seemed to be a good selection of age ranges. The guests proved to be testament to exactly what logoThe Inner Circle pride themselves on – connecting successful, attractive and interesting individuals. That’s  not to say the room was full of super models, but it definitely felt like a fair playing field and, unlike some ‘networking’ events which can feel like they dragged people of the street to attend, there was the sense that The Inner Circle had really stayed true to its ethos of creating social events which connected people with common ground and similar outlooks and interests.

A couple of champagnes in and myself and my date, oh, Ok, my sister, started chatting to a couple at the bar who had met on the site, and despite no longer being single, enjoyed the events so much they continued to attend. Testament to the quality of The Inner Circle events – rather than being a means to an end, as singles events so often are, it held its own, in their opinion, as a great night out and opportunity to network with some fab people regardless of your relationships status!

It was an awesome night and I’d recommend it to anyone – I even got a snog at the end of the evening – to be fair I’d had about four tequilas and a bottle of champagne and the chap in question said he had a ‘thing for older women’ (wtf) but hey, when you get to my age a snog at the end of the night is a snog at the end of the night.

IMG_5068Mad hatters, tequila shots and tomboys from Chelsea? You can’t say fairer than that.

The Inner Circle is an exclusive network reserved for only the most successful and attractive singletons around the world. Members connect through the app, the website and at exclusive events in the most sought-after locations in town.

The Inner Circle’s distinction comes through its appeal to the elite, from hip creatives to corporate high flyers. A thorough screening process upon registration ensures only eligible singles with similar lifestyles meet each other in a friendly and trustworthy environment.

Since its birth in 2012, The Inner Circle has rapidly expanded. The Inner Circle is currently active in London, Paris, Barcelona, Milan, Amsterdam and Stockholm, with over 60,000 members across the globe.

katyMad Hatters, Tequila .. And a Snog at The End of The Night – My Evening With The Inner Circle.

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