Vibrators Go Mainstream Thanks to The Awesome Smilemakers!

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Smile Makers Collection (group shot 2) hi-res

Smile Makers Collection (group shot 2) hi-resWhen it comes to vibrators and the accessibility of purchasing one, let’s be honest, even in this day and age, it can still be a bit of a taboo. It’s baffling, given our apparent open-mindedness as a nation and yet, if you fancy a bit of self-pleasure assistance, it’s certainly not something you are going to find in your local supermarket.

Or so I thought …

Until I  heard about a new product recently called Smilemakers – which finally puts the idea of sexual wellbeing in a whole new context. Smilemakers are quite literally the friendliest collection of vibrators on the planet, so much so, they are even stocked in Superdrug!

Smilemakers are an award-winning range of personal massagers, so named because ‘beauty starts with a smile’ (and let’s cut to the chase on this one, nothing gets a grin going like an orgasm every morning!)

Smile Makers Collection (group shot) hi-resThe people behind the product believe that looking and feeling beautiful isn’t just about make-up and beauty products that are applied on the surface. Beauty is just as much about physical wellbeing and self-appreciation, and both of these are directly linked to sexual wellbeing. that makes sex and sexuality an indistinguishable part of beauty care.

Call them what you want – happiness gadgets, glee contraptions, joy creators – this family of four know exactly how to keep a smile on your face!

Smilemakers have based their product on 4 different fantasies – and 4 different types of stimulator 


The millionaire

A classic gentleman and all-rounder, the millionaire is a bullet shaped massager intended for both internal and external stimulation.

The Frenchman

Inspired by both the French kiss, the Frenchman is super soft and teasing, kind of like the electrical feather of massagers

The Fireman

Inspired by a flame, the Fireman is an award-winning, clitoral massager with wings for extra stimulation.

The Tennis Coach 

Inspired by a ball in motion, the Tennis Coach has a skilful aim as a g-spot massager.

12341591_957580460975004_8007729153639604636_nThe products themselves are beautiful packaged and branded – perfect for both those fairly new to the concept of assisted self-pleasure and discreet enough that you wouldn’t mind picked one up in Superdrug (which you literally can!) along with some shampoo and a new mascara. The toys themselves are super effective too, and it’s clear that they have been developed, not just as a product that is more accessible to a mainstream audience, but spot on with functionality too.

They are 100% waterproof, there is a speed for every preference and a single AAA battery guarantees 4 hours of fun (though not necessarily all in one go!)

I love the Smilemakers and am glad to see that finally, somebody is going towards breaking the taboo still surrounding female masturbation and saying, we all do it – let’s make self-pleasure something we are proud of, not something we have to order online and kept in the depths of your sock draw when it arrives!

That’s not to suggest we all Auntie Mabel one for Christmas, but, in terms of vibrators hitting the high street, hell yeah – about bl***dy time too!

Smilemakers are priced from £29.99 at Superdrug nationwide

Ps. My favourite? The Millionaire – obvs ;  )

katyVibrators Go Mainstream Thanks to The Awesome Smilemakers!

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