The Pretzel? – Sex Positions You Do Not Want to Miss

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images-6Regular readers of this blog will know, only too well, that we like a bit of sex from time to time over at All Sweetness & Life towers. Whether it’s complaining about how little we are getting, laughing at what’s going wrong or, on the odd occasion, celebrating the fact that it’s all running smoothly – we’re always happy to get our teeth into some juicy sex talk.

It’s with a warm welcome then, that I introduce the folks behind Carvaka Adult Sex Toys who have kindly put together a very easy to understand guide to the positions you don’t want to miss if you’re looking to add a bit of spice in the bedroom!

From the much loved Missionary to the slightly more adventurous Pretzel (yes, really) it makes for interesting reading – and, with any luck, a bloody good weekend ahead.


Ps. reverse cowgirl – what’s yours?
This is one of the most popular positions couples can do and it’s a whole lot of fun! The 69 is where the woman’s face is directly in front of the partner’s genitals and vice versa. This means that both parties can enjoy the pleasures of oral sex and (to make it even more fun) they can compete to try to get the other person to come first!


This is the term for the woman’s oral pleasure, where your partner goes “down” and the other then pursues the orgasm. This position allows you to show your partner how much passion you have for each other so get wild! Grab his hair while he works his magic, moan, tell him how good it feels, wiggle your hips to show him how much you love what he does to you.

This is the term for the man’s oral pleasure, where a partner goes “down” on the other and pursues their orgasm. A man naturally uses a visual aid to help chase his orgasm and you can help him along by looking into his eyes, being really enthusiastic about doing oral sex and caressing his genitals and thighs while performing oral sex. Doing this shows him how hot you are for him and that will turn him on even further.

This is perhaps the most talked about sex position. Everyone knows what the missionary is and it still remains a classic and a go-to position for many couples. With intimacy at its focal point you and your partner can reap the benefits of watching each other’s facial expressions while you bring each other to climax.

This position, originating from the Kama Sutra, allows you to keep the intimacy from the missionary but enhances the depth and angle of penetration. Just simply hoist one of your partner’s legs onto your shoulder and let the new sensation of a fuller and tighter squeeze envelope you.

This position, also originating from the Kama Sutra, creates greater stimulation of the g-spot by changing the angle and shape of the vagina. This causes the g-spot and cervix to become much more open to stimulation during intercourse, it also makes the clitoris available for play so either you or your partner can caress you to an amazing climax. To get into this position the man kneels up, the woman’s legs are extended upwards and should be used for leverage.

This position is a variation of the Yawning Stretch where instead of the legs being extended or bent at the knees, the woman rotates their lower legs until the guy can hold onto their ankles, which opens up the vagina and allows for deep penetration. This position can stimulate the cervix, g-spot and clitoris all at once and if you are keen to try the kinky side of things, using restraints on the wrists and binding them to the ankles suddenly transforms this sex session into bondage.

This is another popular and well known position, allowing the woman a more active role and allowing for more control over the angle of intercourse and for more stimulation of the g-spot and cervix.

This is a variation of the Cowgirl, where the woman instead faces away from their partner and leans back to gain stability by holding onto the partner’s shoulders, hands or their own ankles.

This position varies on the original Reverse Cowgirl position as the woman still faces away from their partner but is now leaning forward and holding onto the partner’s legs. This allows for deeper penetration, self stimulation of the clitoris and a great visual for the recipient.

This position gives greater control over the speed, angle and intensity of the stimulation during intercourse. The woman squats over the man to get into this position, It requires balance but is a great position for stimulation of the g-spot and cervix.

This is a variation of the Squat as the woman turns away from their partner but stays in the same position.

This is another popular and well known position. Where the man is kneeling behind the woman, who is on her hands and knees. This position stimulates the cervix and the G-spot. To get even more stimulation from this position, we recommend to lower your head onto a pillow so that your hips are higher, this makes penetration deeper and allows for better cervical stimulation. This position also allows your partner to caress your clitoris during intercourse for added intensity!

This position is a variation of Doggystyle. It allows the angle of penetration to become deeper as your legs are in between the man’s legs (which gives a tighter squeeze!) and he is using the leg that he isn’t kneeling on to gain more momentum and power to thrust forward.


This is an advanced version of Doggystyle. This position requires stamina and balance as the man mimics the mounting stance of animals. This is a definite position pleaser as it gives deeper penetration, stimulation of the g-spot and cervix and it shows off the primal sexual instinct that is inside your man!

This position occurs when the woman lies stomach down on the bed and the man sits with his knees either side of the woman’s hips. This makes for a greater stimulation of the g-spot and is great for tighter intercourse.
The lovers allows for very intimate sex. This position occurs when the man lies directly on top of the woman and the woman raises her hips upwards. this makes penetration more deeper and g-spot stimulation to occur.

This position is the same as the lover except with one difference. The left or right legs for both the woman and man are bent.
This position is where the woman lies on her side and the man kneels with his knees either side of the woman’s outstretched leg. The other leg is then hitched onto the man’s shoulder or wrapped around the man’s waist.

This position really stimulates the g-spot and allows either you or your partner to stimulate the clitoris. You and your partner can use this position almost anywhere inside your house: on the table, on the dresser, even the washing machine! This is a really good position for spontaneous sex.

katyThe Pretzel? – Sex Positions You Do Not Want to Miss

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