Q & A With Leading UK Pornstar Ryan Ryder

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Ryan Ryder & Jasmine Jae

With the PRP Awards around the corner, surely there is no better time to delve deep into the world of adult film making and get some questions answered we’ve all  been dying to ask!

Last week, we had the pleasure of the gorgeous Jasmine Jae chatting to us about her job, and today, I’m thrilled to welcome Ryan Ryder to the blog, one of the leading porn stars in the UK.

Ryan is a singer, actor, musical star and now a successful porn star. The good-looking Scot originally shot to fame on the BBC talent show Any Dream Will Do and quickly established himself as a talented performer – discovering later, however, that his talents lay in adult films, he has gone onto massive success in the industry and is here to tell us what it really takes to make it in porn …

How did you get into the adult film industry?

My wife, pornstar Jasmine Jae, and I met up with a well know porn performer and, after successful careers in previous jobs, we felt it was time for a change – a crazy decision at the time but very glad we rolled the dice.

What are the ‘criteria’ a man needs to be an adult film actor?

Looking good for the camera in terms of your face and body helps and some acting skills are a bonus but you won’t be surprised to hear that keeping your manhood going throughout shoots on a regular basis is the most important thing,

Otherwise the whole shoot is ruined (no pressure!)


Ryan Ryder & Jasmine Jae

You must hear ‘ Oh, man, best job in the world’ all the time – is the job really as great as people imagine?

I treat it like any job really, you’ve got to work hard and be professional. It has its good days and bad days – only on the bad days we still have to perform! Although I have to say, I have worked with some great female talent and had great times on set.

How does it feel to influence the way people have sex?

I think we deliver the fantasy of what sex can be so that people can enjoy replicating in their bedrooms. Although these days Jasmine and I are so busy, that in our bedroom a quickie and a cuddle is just as satisfying as a night long session!

You’re married to a female adult film actress, is there ever any jealousy?

There has been no jealousy which is important as we both need to be able to perform freely to our potential. At home, however, I am in trouble all the time in terms of toilet seats left up, cupboard doors left open –  I could go on but I’m sure the husbands and wives reading this know the everyday struggles!

How has the industry changed over the years that you’ve noticed?

You need to push yourself more, travel more and hustle more for the regular work. The porn “glory days” are long gone where people could sit back and get booked – you need to make things happen for yourself, again like most jobs I guess.


Ryan Ryder

Whats the most difficult part of the job – are you ever not in the mood?

Yes of course sometimes I am not in the mood or the girl I am working with is difficult to get on with for whatever reason. Sometimes you are performing every day for days or weeks and the days off are bliss so forget masturbating on those days off!

Just yesterday I smacked my head off a chandelier while performing the picture set and my head started bleeding while in the midst of things with my co-star!

How do you manage to do scenes for long hours – male performers have to be turned on, right?

This is where the job is a challenge, there can be really long days and you do your sex scene at 3am etc. Just last week, in Prague, Jasmine and I performed a sex scene in the early hours, in freezing temperatures outdoors in an abandoned military base after running around in sniper outfits and guns for 8 hours.

 Does your job affect your own, personal sex life?

I would be lying if I said it didn’t. It does not affect our relationship, love or fun together but, purely from a sex point of view, there are nights it’s not possible because one of us have a scene the next day so we need to “save it” for the job.

Follow Ryan on Twitter here! twitter.com/RyanRyderxxx


katyQ & A With Leading UK Pornstar Ryan Ryder

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