One Night Stands – 10 Reason To Have One

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One night stands are awesome.

Contrary to popular belief – far from making you feel like shit in the morning, a one night stand can be highly energizing for the soul, a great way to reinvent your joie de vie and add a little ‘devil may care’ into your life.

Forget the over-peddled advice about mindfulness classes and green tea nurturing your wellbeing –  if you really need a reason to be grateful to be alive, having sex with a total stranger you are unlikely to ever see again should do the job perfectly.

Here are 10 reasons to have a one night stand (and not feel shit about it in the morning).

1. Your expectations are low

The problem with shagging someone you love and respect, is that you are likely to have held out a bit to do the deed – not wanting him to think you were ‘that kind of girl’ (yawn). During this period of no-sex-yet-dating you’ll have inevitably built up a fair amount of expectation and risk being disappointed when the big night arrives.

One night stands? None of that nonsense, you barely know their name let alone have preconceived ideas about what they are like in the sack – no expectations, no disappointments.

2. Life’s too short

And, presuming you’re not seventeen anymore, something you are allowed to fill with slightly reckless activities without concerning yourself with getting a ‘reputation’.

3. You’ll get a reputation

… As that girl who knows how to enjoy life and doesn’t care about what others think of her.

Because, thankfully, one of the perks of being a grown up is that you can make decisions for yourself and not care about the opinions of others regarding them.

Which is almost as fun as the sex itself.

4. There are no labels to confuse the situation 

You’re some bird he bought a round of drinks for at midnight who’d already been on the after work lash since 6.30.

Not his girlfriend.

Problem solved.

5. Your’e having sex

With another human being, which is always a good idea and means you are ‘practising’ not for when you meet ‘the one’ (groan) but for how to please yourself in bed without having to fog up the situation with questions over the longevity of the relationship.

6. Sex hormones reduce stress and make you live longer

And are cheaper and far more fun than a yoga class.

7. You can go wild

Given that, should the evening go according to plan and you never see your one night stand again, you really can relax and enjoy the experience.

8. Sex doesn’t always have to be a precious gift

Casual sex isn’t for everyone but, sometimes, it’s energizing to have sex simply for the sake of it, without it leading to a long and meaningful relationship. A one night stand can be sex in its purest, most basic form, which is less a precious gift and more a f***ing miracle.

9. One night stands are time efficient

And, should you leave before dawn break, mean you don’t have to worry about awkward small talk or bad breath in the morning.

10. And if the sex was crap you never have to see him again anyway



katyOne Night Stands – 10 Reason To Have One

7 Comments on “One Night Stands – 10 Reason To Have One”

  1. ️Scott

    As a professional in human behaviour, the one night stand does not exist for the majority.

    The mind , the eyes, the body , does not want sex with a person it would not perform the act with again. Hence point 10. of your post.

    In theory, you caved at the final hurdle.

    The brain will never allow such an intimate act to be treated like trash by logical humans.

    1. katy

      interesting comment, although, I disagree – I’ve had one night stands I thoroughly enjoyed purely on the basis of what they were, nothing more nothing less!

      1. Stella

        Just got back from googling Chip Butty! I have never had a French Fry sandwich but now want to try one. Also looked up Halloumi Cheese while I was at it and want to try that too. Sounds like you have had a deiilcous and fun few days. I love all the dresses in this post. So much gorgeous colour!

  2. ️Scott

    That’s great. Please don’t get me wrong.
    The body will enjoy it im sure.

    However your brain/mind will remember him for as long as it wants. That you externally can not control.

    I’m simply saying, and could go on, it leads to complications/issues etc.

    Good luck. How many notches can you put in your bed post?

  3. Debbie

    One of the reasons I don’t have one night stands is not wanting to catch anything which the guy might not even know he has. You sleep with one person and you’re essentially sleeping with all the people they’ve been with. Nothing wrong with being health conscious, which doesn’t really coincide with reckless one night stands,

    1. katy

      Couldn’t the same be said for someone you’ve known a month? Unless your ultra rigorous and insist everyone you have sexual contact with has a full check?

      1. Queenie

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