Five Free Sex-related Apps For iPhone User

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Sex – what’s not to love? and now not only can you get down n’ dirty but you can research beforehand to make sure you’re pushing all the right buttons, quite literally. With this in mind have compiled a fabulous list of the six free sex-related apps for iPhone users exclusively for All Sweetness and Life – helping you get the very best from your phone – who knew technology could be so fun!


It’s always exciting to find a new great app but have you ever wondered if there’s an app that can help with those times when you get excited? ;)
While making out is most fun when it’s spontaneous, there’s no reason why a little forward-thinking can’t help make things even better. To get you started, have put together 5 free sex-related apps available to download now.
Sex Positions Ultimate- the everyday guide
When you’re passionately embracing your partner (or ripping each other’s clothes off) there’s not much time to think of something adventurous. That’s why we like this app. We’re not saying you need to stop mid-way but a little look in your spare time can give you more ideas for new sex positions to try out. Along with images, there are basic instructions too – though we doubt you’ll need them.
Monthly Cycles – Period Tracker
This one is for all the ladies who often lose that post it note when tracking their periods. Finally, as to-do lists get digital, so does the counting and calculating that we hate doing in our head. This automated solution makes things easier, notifying you of your next period along with ovulation dates if you are trying.
iBrate Vibrate
The clue is in the title. This app turns your phone into a massaging vibrator – perfect for those times where your partner just isn’t available. Its continuous pulsations can be pleasurable and works by keeping your fingertips on the screen or double tap to go hands-free. You finger count also affects the intensity of the vibrations.
Ultimate Sex Dice

While the above apps don’t really need your partner present for you to use them, this one is definitely best (and possible) with your lover. Claiming to have more than 1,000,000 downloads in the USA, the sex dice is a game to help set the mood and encourage that all-important foreplay. Rules include touch, suck and kiss.
Sex Toys & Lingerie Guide
This app brings your attention to the most popular sex toys and lingerie items to spice things up. There’s everything from toys for men and women to sexy costumes that’ll get pulses racing. Use it for suggestions on trying something new and if you’re a little unsure of what something does, read the detailed explanations to reveal all.


Bonus! Sex Drive – using binaural beats (£1.49)
While this app isn’t free, it’s still cheap though so if you spare £1.49, we suggest trying it out. Why? Because it has binaural tones to help promote a healthy sex life. To most people (including us), that doesn’t mean much. It was only until we went deeper (no pun intended) that we found how useful this app can be. Without getting too scientific, binaural tones produce two consistent tones that play at slightly different frequencies in each ear to help increase arousal.

Note: None of the above apps are endorsed by or Katy Horwood

katyFive Free Sex-related Apps For iPhone User

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