An Interview With Jasmine Jae – The UK’s Leading Adult Film Actress

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Anyone who reads my blog will know that I’m a big fan of porn – as additional fun in a relationship or as something to enjoy alone – there is little wonder, that every second there are, on average, 28,000 people at any one time switching on to get off!

With this in mind, I’m absolutely thrilled to welcome leading adult actress Jasmine Jae to the blog, the biggest adult star in the UK and, this year, co-host of the fantastic PRP Awards 2016, the UK’s premier adult and glamour awards celebration – of which she, herself, is nominated for two categories.

Jasmine is here to answer some questions about her life in the adult film industry, and give us all a glimpse into what life as an adult actress really entails, from getting recognised in the street to how it affects relationships, here are the questions we all want to ask! …


Jasmine Jae with PRP Award co-host Dapper Laughs

How did you first get into the industry? 

I randomly met a Pornstar at a party between mutual friends. He offered to get me started in the industry with a scene for Brazzers and I decided to go for it. The rest is history.

What kind of stigma have you faced doing porn?

I haven’t faced any stigma about being in the industry. My family have been very supportive and my friends think it’s a very interesting occupation, they always ask tons of questions and are fascinated. I guess I am one of the lucky ones as I have heard of performers being ostracised by their family and inner circle. Thankfully my family and friends are open-minded and not judgmental. They realise a job doesn’t necessarily define a person.


Do you get input on who you perform with?

Yes, absolutely. I have a ‘No’ list like many performers. I’m easy-going so it takes a lot to be on my ‘No’ list. It mainly consists of performers who have spread malicious rumours about me, which unfortunately becomes a more regular occurrence the more successful you become.


Jasmine Jae

Do you get recognised?

Yes, on a daily basis, which goes to show how many people watch porn. I have been asked for selfies and autographs at train stations, airports, in shops on the street, in pubs and clubs, in the UK, Europe & America.

Do your family know what you do?

They have known from day one. It took a few days for them to digest the information, as it was a big change from me being a Marketing Manager to a Porn Star, but they have been very understanding and supportive. They see how happy and financially secure I am and, because I am my own boss and set my own schedule, I’m actually able to spend more quality time with them.

What is the most difficult scene you’ve ever done?

Recently I was shooting in Prague and was performing in a Delta Force type feature scene. My day started at 8am and finished at 4am. I was on location, at a filthy building site, literally rolling around in the dirt for the action parts and then it came down to the ‘real action’. By now it is 2:30am, I’m exhausted from being up early, running around doing stunts, and then I have to be naked in zero degree weather and ‘do the deed’ out in the wide open on some rough gravel floor. I had glass and stones in my knees and elbows, and I’m pretty sure I should have got a tetanus shot afterwards! But I’m a professional. I zoned in, focused, and ‘bashed out’ a high-octane scene in keeping with the theme of the whole setup. And I didn’t complain once. If you watch the scene, you’ll be able to see the goosebumps on my skin!


Jasmine Jae

How does your job impact your relationships?

I have been in my current relationship with Ryan Ryder for 10 years and married for 6 years. We entered the industry together and are stronger than ever. We have full trust. We communicate and respect each other, and I can honestly say we have never argued about our work life. There is absolutely no jealousy whatsoever. We are a team. We understand the job and what each other does. 
It’s no problem.

Do you get off while performing?

Sometimes, it depends on the setup and who I’m working with. If I’m given the freedom to just know what I’m doing and give the producer the footage he needs then I can absolutely get of. If the guy does me how I like and I’m not doing it in some incredibly uncomfortable set, and we don’t have to make cuts, stop to change lighting etc then I always enjoy it. It really depends on the situation, but for me to climax on set is certainly not an irregular occurrence.



Check out Jasmine’s website here

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For more information and updates on the PRP Awards in November check out their twitter feed and website!

katyAn Interview With Jasmine Jae – The UK’s Leading Adult Film Actress

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