A List of Lust.

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Summer is drawing to a close, bad for suntans and beer gardens, great for steamy nights in and plenty more sex (yes, that’s a fact) With this in mind I’m excited to welcome @bangsnwhimpers two fabulously honest girls here to tell us what’s on their winter sexual bucket list.

Hold on to your hats – it’s going to get sticky……

1. Threesome/foursome
Yes its a cliché, but there’s a part of us that wants to cross it off just as a bit of fun. MMF or FMF – we just want to go there and see how it is. Besides, who can resist two sets of hands?

2. Golden showers
Yes, I know. We used to be pretty straight about this: no pain, no pee and definitely no poo. BUT:
One of us has a very cheeky and delicious FWB who is VERY keen for us to pee in his mouth. And still asks almost every time. So naturally we’re curious. Not sure about having it done to us though. We’ll keep you posted.

3. Anonymous hotel sex
One of us has a massive girl hard on for this. Logistically it’s awkward (who checks in first, how do you get the blindfold on) but there is something about the air of mystery and a hotel room which we’re quite obsessed by. It nearly happened. Once.

4. Day of sex

Sex. all day. It’s been a while. We just love it. Morning sex, sleepy sex, falling asleep sex, afternoon sex. Lunch then sex. No agenda, just a day in bed together while everyone else is working. Can someone help us out with this?

5. Pegging
This is a funny one and a fairly recent addition. Pegging is the new anal right?
We just found out a very good friend of ours, who you’d never ever suspect would be so naughty, has actually done it. Her verdict? Messy and frustrating.
Our verdict? we just want to give it a go. It appeals to all of our darkest desires.
Obviously not on a first date, but yeah. It gets us hot.


6. being properly eaten out in public

We’ve written about being eaten out in toilets and one of us has had it on the beach, but this is inspired by that young couple filmed in a public stairwell last year. She gave up her cunt for a guy to lap up whilst he laying back and did the honours, licked lips and all.

We want that kind of action, that kind of demand and acquiescence for our lady parts.


7. Cuddles afterwards

After the hot list of naughtiness we have asked Santa for this Christmas, we both also want to have sex with a main squeeze. those gorgeous, rippling cuddles you have when you’ve just fucked someone whose heart holds you. That is the best foreplay. That time between round one and round two when you can hear both heartbeats and you choose the right song.


8. Girl sex

We’re sorry to to be one of those annoying girls who toys with the idea of licking other girls’ pussies, whilst some ladies have it as their hard-working and full-time vocation. but we still want to have a go, just to see what another girl tastes like and to share the love.


9. Older, wiser

Whilst we both have a lot of attention from the young ones, we’d like to feel the thighs around us of a man whose come of age, with all those entendres. Someone who knows his way around the nether regions and who has nothing to prove, but who still loves to watch sparks fly.



10. Poolside

This is just as much a fantasy of having the kind of lifestyle that includes a private pool, but we’d love to fuck pool side in and out. all kinds of wet, hot and cooling off, naked, swimming, naked drying off, naked fucking, on the side of the pool, in and out of the water, and the stream of jets that keep the water flow? As if that pressing on our clit doesn’t make us wanna come. All of it.


What do you think? Are these on YOUR list?

Check out their website here - bangsnwhimpers.wordpress.com

or follow them on twitter – @bangsnwhimpers 

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