A Brilliant Party For a Brilliant Product, LELO HEX – The New Condom You Need to Know About

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Last night I had the absolute pleasure of attending the launch party of HEX condoms from LELO at the Vinyl Factory in Soho. Having long been somewhat of a superfan of LELO – believing them to be the very best there is when it comes to sex toys and bedroom accessories, I had every expectation their condoms would delivery the same level of class and quality – and I wasn’t wrong.

LELO-HEX_PR-Images_Product_SachetAdded to which the evening proved itself to be a fantastic event, with plenty of champagne flowing and the likes of none other than Charlie Sheen himself working the crowd!

What’s exciting about the launch of HEX condoms (apart from the awesome party, A list celebrities and fantastic cocktails!) is that their condoms really do change the game when it comes to safe sex.

Charlie Sheen, was there, not only to enjoy the launch, but because he’s joined forces with the world-leading pleasure brand LELO to unveil what experts describe as one of the most important innovations in sexual health for 70 years – LELO HEX™, the Condom Re-Engineered.

LELO_LONDON-3786Sheen, once the highest paid star on television, announced that he is HIV positive in November last year, having battled the disease since 2011. This sparked a huge surge of interest online in issues surrounding HIV and condoms, with related searches increasing by 70-400%, quickly becoming a trend dubbed the ‘Charlie Sheen Effect’ by experts.

He is endorsing condoms as part of his efforts to drive discussions on sexual health, but this is not any old condom. LELO HEX™ is structurally different, aimed at addressing the most common issues with condoms today– that they reduce pleasure, slip frequently and break too easily.

13432404_10154325556734525_6822338598411484600_nFilip Sedic, Inventor of LELO HEXTM and founder of LELO said, “We’re building a better future and improving the world’s sexual health through innovations in technology and design. The challenge was to make something radically different with a material already approved for condom use. We did this because people need to be having great, safe sex today, not 10 years from now. That’s why all the talk of new condoms has never resulted in a revolutionary design making it onto store shelves. Talk is talk, but innovation is what really changes things.”

LELO_LONDON-4481And I for one back the new product wholeheartedly, brilliantly crafted and beautifully branded, LELO has set a new standard with their condoms and I can’t wait to try them out (give me a chance, they only launched last night! ;  )

Buy HEX here and pre-order at 40% off retail price.



katyA Brilliant Party For a Brilliant Product, LELO HEX – The New Condom You Need to Know About

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