10 Whatsapp Fails to Avoid – And How To Not Totally Screw Up A Date Before You’ve Even Got There

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The world of dating has become a different place since the invention of the text and increased popularity of Whatsapp.

Often used as the main way in which people communicate before actually meeting, it’s vital you’re up to speed with the proper way to send a text.

Make no mistake, I’ve been known to overdo the old LOL’s from time to time but, but if you don’t want to f**k up your date before you’ve even got there, here are the 10 Whatsapp no-no’s you should try to avoid.
1. Emojis

Now I love an aubergine as much as the next girl, but, when emojis are over-used, it can all get a bit cringe.

‘Crying with laughter’ at your own jokes at the end of every sentence?

Yep, stop that immediately.
2. Over-enthusiasm


Because, regardless of how astounded, amazed, shocked or amused you are, capital letters and over-enthusiastic abbreviations make you look a little bit like you’ve forgotten to take your meds and could be the type of guy who might start masturbating under the table on a first date.

Not endearing.

3. Bad spelling

‘You’re’ is a contraction of ‘you are’.
The word ‘your’ sits before another word, usually a noun or a pronoun to show that it belongs to you.

‘You’re’ welcome.

4. Asking too many (boring) questions

What are you up to?
What are you into?
How are you doing?

In moderation, as an opener, fine.

But, in excess. just far to generic and dull.

5. Not responding to the answer to the question you’ve asked

One of my personal favourite, and one which my ex-boyfriend, should he be reading, was especially guilty of, to the point, on several occasions, I was tempted to submerge both my phone and his testicles in cooking oil.

‘Hey angel, what are you up to …’

*Replies with long answer about plans for the day, followed by a question regarding his forecast plans and activities*

Silence ensues for 4 hours.


6. Not asking enough questions

It would seem the complexity of questioning and the right and wrong ways in which to do it doesn’t end there. The third offending option – the man who doesn’t ask any questions.

A tip. The key to a successful *conversation* be it on whataspp or otherwise, usually entails a series of questions and answers.

Simply replying to the question asked without extending that lead to enable the person you are conversing with to do the same means you will very quickly irritate that person, that you are not really engaged in said dialogue or that you have the personality of an Ikea lampshade.

Do you like the colour blue? Yes.
Do you like the colour blue? Yes, how about you?

*How hard can it be*

7. Kisses and over familiar sign offs

Sleep well gorgeous xxxxxxxxx

We haven’t even met yet so that’s totally not CREEPY.

8. Voice notes

If I wanted to hear your voice I’d call you.

What next, an actual conversation?


9. Double texting

When you text a person and they don’t reply the likelihood is they’ve either lost their phone and have been desperately trying to reach you all day or they’re in a coma after a tragic car accident.

It has nothing to do with the fact t they’re not that into you.

10. Not replying

But being online.

Because there is a special place for hell for men like you.

katy10 Whatsapp Fails to Avoid – And How To Not Totally Screw Up A Date Before You’ve Even Got There

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