Dick Pics Continued …

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On the subject of penises or rather dick pictures, after writing my thoughts yesterday, on that very subject, I posted the link on Twitter to the blog post. The subject triggered some willy-focused conversation, and this …

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 12.36.57

My very own Sunday afternoon dick pic.

Le Sigh.

Now, maybe it’s becasue I’m on the wrong (or right) sites, or that I don’t have a very ‘send me dick pics’ face but I don’t often get men sending me pictures of their penises, or at least, men I don’t know. It would be fair to say that, with the advancement of technology and invention of the camera phone, men, when they are in my life, have been known to ‘treat’ me to the occasional erection, but generally speaking, off total strangers, not so much.

And so my first dick pic for a fair bit of time. Credit to the man, he has more balls than most (ahem) to expose himself online, not least of all to a dating and relationship blogger, and clearly, by asking me to rate his manhood, a marginally deluded idea of what constitutes a Twitter-worthy penis.

Oh how we laughed.

Being sent dick pictures could be seen as the modern equivalent of being flashed at in the local park back in 1982 – the difference being that, back in the day, you’d expect the flasher to skulk off into the bushes for a wank or such after, making the most of the horror he’d inflicted on the local passers-by, not to hang around asking his ‘victim’ to rate his placid cock marks out of ten.

Not so with our Dave, greedy little bugger that he is, look at me *and* rate me … how demanding sexual deviants are these days.

This experience, whilst brightening up my Sunday afternoon no end (where did he get that shower curtain?) also comes with a more serious message and backs up yesterday’s debate perfectly.

It is example of the fact that, being on social media – on a public forum where people are free to express themselves as they choose, one has to be prepared for unsavoury images passing one’s way on a fairly regular basis, things that can never be unseen, as it were.

I am not offended by the dick picture in discussion, I just thing the poor bloke’s a bit of a loser and has grave misunderstandings about what constitutes sexy, and the size of his penis comparatively to most that I have seen.

By sending me his little willy and flabby tum, Big Dave (LOLZ) doesn’t make me a victim – he just gives me a few laughs and something for my readers to chuckle at for a bit.

In the grand crusade again men sending shit to women online wouldn’t we be better off laughing at it than being outraged by it? My bet would be, that’s a far better way to get the Big Daves of the virtual world to skulk back into their proverbial bushes than getting offended, outraged and appalled.

I didn’t rate Big Dave’s manhood but plenty of my followers did after I circulated it on Twitter, and, interestingly, after asking me to take the picture down and calling me a bitch, Big Dave disappeared never to be seen again.

Ever the charmer to the end.

Men, a word of advice, if you’re going to put pictures of your penis on social media and ask for a score out of ten, don’t complain when you don’t get the answer you’re looking for. And, for Christ’s sake, sort the backdrop out – I don’t do turquoise shower curtains … no matter how big your dick is.

katyDick Pics Continued …

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