The Big Pyjama Debate … Is it *Ever* Ok to Get Comfy in a Relationship?

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When it comes to settling into a relationship, there can be no denying that, the longer a person is in one, the more they tend to let their guard down and relax – not least of all when it comes to the wardrobe. And it’s this subject, today’s awesome guest blogger, Sophie Fletcher, is here to discuss! 

Can being comfy ever be sexy? Is pyjama wearing *the* death of a relationship? Over to her … 


You know the type I’m talking about? The ‘sex killers’ that should be preserved for a slobbing alone only evening.

They’re large, usually fleece, with buttons down the front and a collar, like the ones that look cute on kids, and are often sporting a Disney character, a teddy, or kittens. This past Christmas I spotted hundreds of the things in every variation (none of them good!) masquerading as the perfect gift. Bows tied around them, gift bags with slippers accompanying them, tousled haired super models with never-ending legs trying to make them look sexy.

But they’re not sexy in my opinion, not even in the ‘cute’ sexy way.

They do nothing for your boobs or your bum; they just hang there off your body looking like they should belong to a small child. No amount of leaving the top button undone is going to make them look enticing – they have a drawstring waist for pity’s sake.

Anyway the point I’m getting at is this – even after three years with my man, is it ever ok to pull out the comfies?

I ask because recently I went around to my newly married friends’ house and she was wearing a pair of Tigger printed comfy Pyjamas. Naturally I was horrified, not only because it was 7pm and I was hoping to drink wine and talk about our other halves, but because her new husband (of three months!) was there.

‘What are you wearing?’ I asked, mouth open, ‘Are you planning to get laid ever again?’ 

‘Yes of course I am’ she replied, ‘I only just married.’

My case in point I almost screamed!

‘BUT surely those THINGS can’t ever lead to sex!’ I cried indignantly, fixing them with a stare I usually reserve for dog poo on my shoe.

‘Well I take them off, obviously, but no I suppose they don’t always get him in the mood but I like to be comfy.’


A difficult word to embrace when you’re in a relationship and a word I both love and hate.

It’s important to be comfortable around someone and to be ‘you’ but are comfy pyjamas just taking it one step too far?

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katyThe Big Pyjama Debate … Is it *Ever* Ok to Get Comfy in a Relationship?

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