Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary? Bring it on! …

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Could things get any stranger? Just as we’ve got our heads around leaving the European Union, escaped having a home countries head mistress running the country by the skin of our teeth and seen pretty much ever rat desert the sinking ship formally known as the UK – yesterday, Theresa May come to power as PM for all of about seventeen minutes before she decided to give Boris Johnson the position of Foreign Secretary.

Twitter is outraged.

Which doesn’t say a great deal as Twitter is outraged by everything, but it does poise an interesting question of why May, at a point when she needs to be scoring brownie points, has decided that the man who led the Brexit campaign was the person best suited to be the government minister who heads the foreign and commonwealth government i.e. be the middle man between us and the rest of the world (which I recognise does stretch beyond Europe bit none the less.)

The plot thickens.

And I’m as confused as everyone else.

*But* the decision has been made and already I am exhausted by the negativity and bitching about his no position – sure the decision is a bloody weird one but instead of tearing old Bozza to shreds – before the bloke has even had a chance to do the job (see previous post re. Theresa May) wouldn’t it be an idea to give him a chance? See what he’s made of before we write him off?

Boris isn’t all that bad either. Sure, he can be a bit of a clown at times (zip wire picture – please, let’s get over it) but he has his good points.

So let’s look on the bright side – bitching is fun, but when the country is on its knees, a *little* bit of pulling together might be fun too.

15 reasons why Boris isn’t all bad …

Unknown-41. He studied Classics at Oxford, and was president of the Oxford Union, which is better than a BTEC in catering.

2. He’s written a shit load of books, proving that he’s a bright spark and has intellectual interests beyond the pursuit of his political career.

3. Chicks love him – and if anyone can sweet talk Merkel it’s him, even after being so naughty.

4. You can’t argue with his view on money.

There is no point in wasting any more moral or mental energy in being jealous of the very rich. They are no happier than anyone else; they just have more money. We shouldn’t bother ourselves about why they want all this money, or why it is nicer to have a bath with gold taps. How does it hurt me, with my 20-year-old Toyota, if somebody else has a swish Mercedes? We both get stuck in the same traffic.

5. He’s enthusiastic about his new job.

 ‘We have a massive opportunity in this country to make a great success of out relationship with Europe and with the world and I’m very excites to be asked to play a part in that.’

Unknown-56. Under his watch as Mayor …

Tube upgrades have continued and cross rail is on it’s way.
Johnson introduced a new cycling infrastructure and a hire scheme.
The 2012 Olympics were amazing.

7. His hair is epic.

8. He’s in favour of gay marriage.

Marriage is an institution that can bring great happiness. It is a formal acknowledgment, by society, of the love and bond that can exist between human beings. It provides stability and comfort. Far from dying out, marriage is on the increase – especially in London. Why on earth would we deny it to anyone?

Unknown-39. He has character and charm – a night down the local with him or Michael Gove, Jeremy Corbyn, George Osborne etc, etc, etc  ….

Come on, you know you would.

10. He’s got a blinding  sense of humour – laughing off the infamous zip wire incident as ‘an absolute triumph’.

11. He won Brexit for the country – love it or loathe it, he headed the campaign and it won – above and beyond the scare mongering and horror peddling of pretty much everyone else in government.

12. He’s said that the US will be at the front of the queue for trade deals – despite Obama saying the opposite on the lead up to the referendum.

13. He’s multi-lingual, which will come in handy in his job.

14. He loves cake – ‘my policy on cake is pro having it and pro eating it’.

15. He’s Not PM. Every cloud, eh.

katyBoris Johnson as Foreign Secretary? Bring it on! …

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