Women’s Men.

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I was having a conversation with a friend recently about a ‘type of woman’. This type is not liked by other women, she is seen as cold and calculating. A ruthless mare with little regard for few but herself. She is the ‘man’s woman’.

We all know one. They infiltrate society justifying their existence as someone who ‘Just prefers the company of men.’ They will most likely steal your husband, not because they really like him but because they know they can and justify it because ‘They can’t help it if men gravitate towards them.’ Giggle giggle, flutter, flutter.

Avoid this woman, she is poison.

There is, however, a significant difference between the ‘man’s woman’ and a woman that enjoys a man’s company. Why, I like nothing more than the banter of men and time spent with the opposite sex. I have numerous male friends, none of whom I would ever consider having sexual relations with. The difference is that I find women equally as enticing. There are great men and great women, and there are some boring fuckers on both sides too. I am a platonic bisexual; I ain’t fussy, so long as you make me laugh and I can have a night out with you without wanting to hang myself through boredom.

Likewise, there are ‘men’s men’ and ‘women’s men’. ‘Men’s men’ traditionally speaking, like the company of men, enjoy having a few pints down the pub and don’t mind spending time with women so long as they are cooking, shagging or shutting the f**k up. (generalise, moi?) This type of man will not inspire or surprise you, he will however remain consistent and reliable. You woman, he man.

Don’t over think it, he won’t.

The opposite of a ‘man’s man’ is, of course, the ‘woman’s man’. A far more complex breed indeed and one you must be wary of at all times.

Let us refer back to the ‘man’s woman’, quite regularly vilified by the media and used as an example by God fearing mothers everywhere to their daughters of what not to be when you grow up. They are known as dangerous and disliked. You do however, like the ‘man’s man’, know where you stand with them and this is the difference.

A ‘woman’s man’ will surround himself by woman, he will be happy to talk about periods, childbirth and weeping nipples without wanting to run to the nearest football stadium and down 18 cans of Tennents Extra. He prides himself on being ‘a listener,’ ‘a shoulder to cry on,’ ‘a modern man’. He has few male friends preferring the company of women and will *always* be in a relationship. He cries. He prefers going down on you to receiving a blowjob and can have a platonic relationship with a woman, even when he is blind drunk/hungover and horny.

So far so good.

Or not.

You see, the thing is with a ‘woman’s man’ is that, unlike the ‘man’s man’, ‘woman’s woman’ and ‘man’s woman’ (and breathe … ) you don’t know what you’re getting and this is the reason they lack male friends, They provoke suspicion.

Being friends with a ‘woman’s man’ is one thing but try dating one. The man who sits on the phone all night to his ‘girl’ friends, who meets up for drinks after work with ‘the girls’ or nips out to have a coffee with the girl he got chatting to in the park because she wants a shoulder to cry on about how difficult things are at home at the moment.

And when you casually suggest he spends more time with you and less time with every frigging girl this side of Mars, you are met by a sympathetic smile and a ‘calm’ discussion about your jealousy issues.

This is the reality of a ‘woman’s man’. While you sit there wondering why the fuck he can’t pass a human being with a virgina on the street without adding her to his speed dial, he is basking in the attention of his fans, safe in the knowledge that his breed are few and far between and that any man that can talk about a menstrual cycle for longer than 10 minutes without puking in his own hand many a follower will make.

My advice is this.

‘Men’s men’ might be a little bit backward, slightly distant and selfish as fuck in the bedroom, but at least you know what you’re getting. At least when you find a a date in his diary for drinks with the girl from HR you know he’s fucking around. End of.

The ‘woman’s man’ will patronise you into submission, crush you with his empathy, sympathy, willingness to understand, to listen, to relate. You will share him forever.

So next time you’re on a date with a man, may I suggest the following… start talking about how you’ve gone back on the pill because your ‘flow’ is really heavy and sometimes you’ll end up going through 17 Super Plus Tampax a day and see how quickly he disappears. If he stays put and smiles, do yourself a favour …. run.

katyWomen’s Men.

4 Comments on “Women’s Men.”

  1. Ritzi Cortez

    Totally – I’d go MENTAL if I was dating one of those men!

    I’d be all – ‘Who are you texting??? Are you sleeping with her??? OH MY GOD YOU’RE SLEEPING WITH HER AREN’T YOU???’

    Don’t rattle the cage.


  2. The Eye

    My view? It all depends on your wiring, and your hot buttons… The winner is the dude that “reads” them correctly…. He could be a rugger bugger or a listner… Depends on his skills and ability to tap into your wiring…

  3. jessrandall.com

    I must admit I am baffled by men and have yet to find the “one.” I have probably a guy from each of the categories you have described, I’m not keen on a men’s “man” for me they are too much hard work, in fact this guy was much older than me and so I am put dating men older than me.
    As for the woman’s “man” yes they are dangerous and you don’t see it coming when they call it quits on the relationship, when you require clarity they suddenly become elusive! And beware a man in his forties who has never had a serious long term relationship and still call’s his mum “Mummy”, oh yes I’ve been there too!
    As for dating a younger guy, well this may work for me. After all they haven’t been fucked off by life yet and this type of relationship may work well if all you’re after is a bit of fun and no heavy commitment.

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