Sisterhood? Not From Where I’m Standing – Why I Fully Support Theresa May as PM, And You Should Too.

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So, as of this afternoon, we will have a new Prime Minister. David Cameron has formally resigned to make way for Theresa May – the first female PM since Margret Thatcher was at the helm.

The news has been met with a mixed response. Relief from some, that a person of experience who is known for her steely reserve and calm yet firm approach to governing has stepped up to steer our rudderless ship – some, more disappointed that an politician has been appointed as top dog, despite being half-hearted during the Brexit debate and having lacklustre form in support of various rights and legislations in the past.

Feminists seem to be particularly vocal about the new PM, and despite recognising the positives of having another female Prime Minister, don’t consider Theresa May, herself, to by worthy of the label ‘feminist’.

(There’s a criteria don’t you know, and she didn’t meet it – the silly, Oxford educated, hard working, ambitious, successful old mare)

Having already being slagged off for her position on gender equality and women’s rights, it’s clear that Theresa May, being a woman, will not only be under intense pressure to perform as a PM but to perform as a feminist too.

(Don’t forget the tampon tax – you’re a WOMAN that should be your priority, not article 50!)

Delve deeper, and you’ll see that actually, thus far, she has done her fair share in weighing in on traditionally ‘unsexy’ issues affecting girls and women, including female genital mutilation, shared parental leave and emotional abuse – and she was one of the first major Conservatives to vote in favour of same-sex marriage.

But never let a positive political track record get in the way of a good bashing from the feminists, eh. No sooner has her position been announced and she’s been tarred with the old Maggie brush – a woman, she may be, a feminist she is, apparently, not.

Sophie Walker for example, leader of the Woman’s Equality Party, was one of the first to find her guilty until proven innocent – claiming that by simple fact she is a member of a party other than their’s means she isn’t as ‘good’ a feminist as they are.

And no sooner was she elected ,various memes have been doing the social media rounds highlighting, with massive exaggeration, what she’s done wrong so far when it comes to women and their crusade for equality.


Because, whilst The Sun newspaper has us feeling like 1980s throw backs with it’s outdated spin on the new tory leader, focusing on her kitten heels rather than her policies, isn’t the so-called feminist spin equally as negative and unhelpful?

Except with the added irony of it being women who claim to support other women who are doing the hanging, drawing and quartering before she’s even in power yet.

Sure, Theresa May might have had priorities and supported policies which didn’t suit everyone in the past but she’s stepped up now to run a country which, let’s be honest, is pretty much on its knees , she’s accepted the task of guiding us ALL to a better place, not just women but everyone equally, together.

Sod whether she’s a woman or not, she’s the only bloody one that’s stepped up to the job – and yet, she’s  already been cast as the baddie, the second Margret Thatcher, the wicked witch – *by women*.

But who needs sisterhood and strong leadership with solid support when you could play a game of I’m a better feminist than you.

Much more fun apparently.

Feminists, slag her off when she’s done the job, when she’s got a track record as a Prime Minister who doesn’t support women enough, who doesn’t invest enough conversation into gender equality, or prioritises the tampon tax over the economy (cause you know that one’s coming) but at least let her do her job first, let her prove you right – after all isn’t giving woman a chance what it’s about, not pulling them down because they are not ‘enough’ – basically doing to her what you’ve complained men having being to you for all these years?

It’s not the fact there is a woman leading our country today that should be celebrated, it’s the fact that she’s got the balls to cut through the noise, and take on the job which others have proved they’re too shit scared of doing that we should applaud – and for that she has my support.

katySisterhood? Not From Where I’m Standing – Why I Fully Support Theresa May as PM, And You Should Too.

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