Why I Don’t Think the Fat Disney Princesses are Beautiful.

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gallery_nrm_1427883737-snow-white-plus-size-disneyRecently, there has been a series of cartoons drawn up in the media, depicting traditional Disney princesses as ‘plus-size’ characters in order to show that they ‘still look great!’ being over-weight.

Apparently, this is to reassure women and girls that ‘body size does not matter’.

Whilst I’d be the first to acknowledge that the traditional waistlines of cartoon characters are unrealistic and slightly ridiculous, and am yet to meet a person, impressionable young woman or otherwise, who sets their beauty standards against a cartoon character – there is one thing I would dispute and that is that, yes, actually, body size does matter. A great deal.

gallery_nrm_1427883910-cinderella-plus-size-disneyLet’s be literal and say that Snow White is approximately fourteen, Sleeping Beauty, well, we all know she’s hidden away till her eighteenth birthday and Cinderella, according to buzzfeed, an old bird being a year off twenty. Essentially they are all teenagers and according to this image re-drafting, all borderline obese.- and ‘still beautiful!’

Enough of this PC nonsense, they don’t look beautiful, and can the media stop point-scoring and people-pleasing by saying they do. Granted they look more ordinary, less extreme in their proportions but they certainly don’t look healthy or a body ideal I’d hope my daughter would aspire to.

How is this a positive signal to send to young women?

I get where they are trying to go with this, in a world drowning in political correctness, God forbid a person was to admit that actually, being fat isn’t healthy. Being fit is healthy, being a size 16 and fit is healthy – but for a 14-year-old Snow White to be celebrated with a double chin, Cinderella a dramatically thickened waist and Pocahontas, a size 18 plus body frame, doesn’t say that ‘all women are beautiful’ it is an irresponsible crowd-pleasing media gimmick.

nrm_1427883961-pocohontas-plus-size-disneyChildhood obesity is a huge issue these days, having more than doubled in children and quadrupled in adolescents in the past 30 years – shouldn’t we be promoting healthy eating and fitness rather than weight gain?

Why not a series of Disney princesses (no more please, but if we must) looking after their bodies?

Jasmine pole vaulting, Belle swimming or Rapunzel running a marathon. This is responsible body endorsement not double chins and heavily rounded cheeks.

If we are going to re-work our princesses let’s be responsible about the way in which we do it – I wouldn’t want me daughter to aspire to a traditional Disney physique but then I wouldn’t want her to aspire to the recent PC crazy *over-weight* ones either.

Let’s think carefully next time, before we promote obesity as beautiful.

katyWhy I Don’t Think the Fat Disney Princesses are Beautiful.

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  1. Aquarius Moon

    Agree. In any case, these are cartoons. They aren’t supposed to be realistic anyway. Live and let live already and stop trying to shove redefined standards of beauty down our throats *bleah*

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