Think Your Partner is Cheating? – Here’s How to Know For Sure …

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What can be more painful than finding out your partner is cheating on you. And sadly, if you seriously suspect your partner of doing the dirty, more often your suspicions will be correct.

According to statistics almost 85% women and 50% men are proven right when they suspect their partner is cheating on them. Alarming, isn’t it? That’s why I’m excited to invite private investigator, John Eastham, to my blog today, who, with over 20 years of investigative experience in both law enforcement and insurance fraud and recognised as an expert in his field, is a man who knows his stuff! He’s here, exclusively on the blog, to tell us the telltale signs your partner may be cheating … 

When it comes to catching a cheating partner sometimes the signs are right in front of you, but through denial, disbelieve or just genuine trust they can sometimes be easily overlooked. Here are some signs of a cheating partner that you might be missing. 

•   The classic –  hairs on his shirt or in the car, lipstick on his clothing or even a love bite in his neck (for the least clever cheaters among us!) 

•     A  sudden concern about their appearance, which includes new clothes, an increased focus on personal grooming or sudden weight loss.

•    Removing their wedding ring.

•    When they suddenly change their usual routine of home and office, without any apparent reason – this could include being late from work, doing overtime or choosing the night shift which they used to dread.

•   Indifferent and a lack of interest in family affairs. 

•    An uncharacteristic amount of affection –  treating you extremely nice for no reason or buying you gifts (often a sign of guilt!) 

•    Or the opposite – when your partner starts ignoring you and paying no heed to what you are saying. 

•    When they are suddenly encouraging you to go outside, make new friends and advising you to be more social.

•    When they get back to home with the smell of an unfamiliar perfume though she/he has been using the same fragrance for years.

•    When you find birth control pill or condom in their car or purse, despite not using them together. 

•    When your partner acts uncomfortably around you and tries to avoid social events together. 

•    A new email account and trying to hide it from you or suddenly changing the password of their mail is a dead giveaway. 

•    When your partner takes exceptional care of their phone, being over protective or setting up new and complex lock pattern on their mobile phone.When he/she has an extreme reaction to you going near their phone.

•    When they almost jump to receive a call or to check an SMS the moment it rings but avoids attending the call in front of you. Often their cell phone in silent mode and call and text history is deleted. 

•    When they are reluctant to have sex, appear to not enjoy it or show a general lack of interest towards you in the bedroom. 

These signs are just a few indicators of a cheating partner, but they are not absolutes – but should you have suspicions and a few or more of the above resonate, then it might be time to get investigating! 


Author Bio

John Eastham started his career as an investigator at an early age beginning in the area of security and investigations. After working various types of criminal cases, He has more than 20 years of investigative experience in both law enforcement and insurance fraud. Became aware that there was an increasing demand and a need for qualified surveillance investigators for both civil and corporate cases, so John Eastham then expanded his range of services and now is recognized for his expertise that includes high quality surveillance coverage.


katyThink Your Partner is Cheating? – Here’s How to Know For Sure …

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