Think You Missed The Boat Last Night? Fear Not – The New App That Connects You The Day After!

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Screen-4-Female-Users_smallOk this could be interesting, a ‘dating’ app I quite like the sound of.  I’m increasingly sceptical these days about dating apps as there just seem to be *so* many out there – after the unprecedented success of Tinder, people trying to come up with the next best thing in dating, and by doing so, often over-complicating things.

Whatifi  launched in December and works slightly differently, in that, rather than connecting strangers, it reconnects you with people you have already met. So, providing enough people are using it, it’s a much more natural way of meeting someone – as it essentially works as an alternative to taking down a number, or will guarantee that the people who where in the same venue as you are likely to be down with your vibe!

Whatifi markets itself as a ‘next day’ app as they reconnect people who attended the same events the day after the event.

It remembers all the places you visit on a night out. The next day your timeline screen refreshes and shows you all the places you visited the previous day. Users can then tap on a venue they attended and view all the other users that were there at the same time. They can then click on a user profile and send a chat request which appears as a push notification on the receivers phone.

The user timeline screen is completely private to each user. Only fellow users that attended the same events can contact each other. If a user receives an offensive message they can block the sender and report the individual to the company.

Screen-2_largeSo essentially they are offering an increased social connectivity - the chance for users to meet new people who attended the same
places that they did, but didn’t meet at the event or got separated from each other the night before. Pubs, Clubs, Concerts, Festivals etc. Imagine all the people at Glastonbury that could meet fellow attendees post attendance that they didn’t meet at the festival. Not to mention people in packed pubs and Clubs at the weekends.

Whatifi gives people more from their nights out.

People that meet through Whatifi will have shared a social experience which infers something in common straight away. Venue, Music, Band, DJ, Food, University, potentially similar socio-economic backgrounds etc.
So yes, in theory I like the idea of an app that combines real-time socializing with being able to re-connect the next day. Of course, like all dating apps the success depends on the quantity of users – but as an idea, it’s interesting … a modern-day version of what used to be a number written on a napkin with lipstick? We shall see!

katyThink You Missed The Boat Last Night? Fear Not – The New App That Connects You The Day After!

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