Some Advice For Danielle Lloyd, The Next Time She Lets Someone Film Her With Her Kit Off

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The happy couple

Danielle Lloyd is the latest celebrity (I use the term loosely) to be victim (again, I use the word loosely) of revenge porn.

Her ex, 23-year-old Tom Jimson, who dated the glamour model for a few months is alleged to have touted the clips to both the Sun on Sunday and the Sunday Mirror.

He’s quoted as saying ‘It’s not about the money – I just don’t like her, I’ve been upset by the way she’s treated me, it will probably be good for her career, it’ll probably help her out’

Just to keep you up to speed with the romance of the year, Danielle ended the relationship after he was arrested as part of a £100,000 sting in Dubai. He’s one of quite a long line of public romances she’s had since her split from footballer Jamie O’Hara, she has three young sons, and, it would seem, a bit of a dick.

Right, where to begin.

Revenge porn. A tricky subject and one of the downsides of the access we have to cameras and video equipment on phones these days – because, it would seem, when in the vicinity of recording equipment some people seem unable to stop themselves from use it.

A non-famous couple who’ve been together for six years, yeah I kind of get it.

Hell, if I could get the pictures together I’d sent to various recipients over the years I’d be able to start my own porn channel, however I’m not famous – and, if anyone tried to sell my sex tapes to the Sun they’d probably et around £6.50 – I also wouldn’t really be within my rights, in my opinion, to complain about it.

Once you knowingly allow or provide someone with something to keep, you really can’t then make conditions on what they are allowed to do with it.

Sure, morally it’s wrong, so wrong there’s now a potential prison sentence of two years for people who use porn to get revenge on their ex’s – but my question is this – what the f**k do you expect?

‘But I trusted him!’

Oh, purrlease.



Spare me the naivety. You only have to look at the carnage during divorces after 20 years of marriage to know that, when it comes to break-ups, there’s no such thing as trust and loyalty – least of all when there’s a pound note involved.

Danielle Lloyd is alleged to be devastated about the leaked tape and the betrayal of her ex. Was she born yesterday? She’s ‘famous’ and was dating a 23-year-old wide boy (see £100,000 string above) for *2 MONTHS* – I’ve practically had phone calls that last longer than that.

I have no sympathy for her whatsoever, or any other celebrity who’ve been caught on camera with their knickers down. Unless the footage was taken without their consent, as an adult, in the public eye, what kind of donut do you have to be not to be a little more mindful of the potential of people to cash in on a video of your fanny.

The fact that she has three sons to consider, shouldn’t prevent her having a personal life, or stop her from looking for a new partner after her divorce, but it should, perhaps, make her a little more careful as to who she trusts with what after such a short amount of time dating.

Danielle Lloyd has as much right to call herself a victim as I would if I were to lend a thief a hundred quid and not get it back.

My advice to Danielle? Stop moaning and keep your phone off or your knickers on next time – your ex is a twat but you’re an idiot to trust him in the first place.






katySome Advice For Danielle Lloyd, The Next Time She Lets Someone Film Her With Her Kit Off

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