Happn Users Seize the Moment with New “See You There” Feature

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When it comes to dating apps, it’s no secret that one of my absolute  favourites is Happn – so it’s with real excitement that I can reveal a new feature launching soon called “See You There”.

The app, which lets singletons connect with people they’ve crossed paths with in real life, will be launching the feature to encourage more meet-ups between users.

Screen2_ENSingletons will soon be able to share on their profile that they are up for doing a particular activity for the next few hours – whether that’s grabbing a bite to eat, going for a run, or catching a movie. Other people they have crossed paths with can then see this availability and seize that opportunity to meet up.

Didier Rappaport, CEO and founder of Happn, said: “We created Happn as a way for people to meet others who are already in some way part of their lives – people who share the same journeys, favourite book store, coffee shop or gym.

“As society evolves and becomes more mobile, the dating industry has transformed to focus on encounters, pushing dating apps to become more social in their offering.

“Our new “See You There” feature is an extension of this, enabling people to meet like-minded individuals by encouraging them to go offline and share an activity they are both interested in.”

The “See You There” will roll out to Happn’s 17 million users around the world from the 17th May.

Screen5_ENTo use the new feature, users can tap the availability button on the bottom of their home screens, and then select an activity they are keen to share which will be visible to users on their timeline for four hours. The feature is a new way to “Crush” (Happn’s version of a match) if there is a mutual interest in doing the same activities.

The debut of Happn’s “See You There” comes on the heels of several other successful feature launches, including:

- Voice messaging feature allows users to record and send a one-minute audio clip to their Crushes

- Instagram sync lets users display 30 recent photos directly from their Instagram feed, giving others added insight into who they are

- Spotify connection enables users to send tracks to each other or add songs to their profile to express musical interests

The launch of “See You There” is also the opportunity for Happn to change their app icon. The meeting of two people is symbolised by two arrows crossing each other’s path. “With this new feature, we are starting a new era in the development of our product, always putting our mission first: to encourage real-life encounters”, said Didier Rappaport.

It’s not often I get excited about a dating app feature, but I am genuinely looking forward to trying this one out. Saving hours of messaging back and forth with people you never end up meeting in real time, and grabbing the opportunity to meet someone right there right then – that’s my kind of dating app!

katyHappn Users Seize the Moment with New “See You There” Feature

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