Food and Sex.

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He had better not ask to split this bill …

I’m usually loathed to entertain anything remotely related to Valentine’s Day – fearing it has become a day of forced romance and insincerity. However, when it comes to food, most notably food-bought-for-me-by-somebody-else, I perk up.

Some interesting research carried out for you by  concerning food, sex, romance and why 33 per cent of women would eat less if they found their date attractive, Eh? Sort it out girls … how a woman eats, says a lot about how a woman *eats*. reveal that, when it comes to dinner date etiquette, the old adage that ‘men are from Mars’ and ‘women are from Venus’  has never rung so true …

Food & Sex

According to booking data, in 2014, 60 per cent of Valentine’s dinner dates were booked by men. Taking the lead on arrangements, it would seem many men are hoping to get lucky – even on a first date – with a fifth  admitting they check where the nearest hotel is to a restaurant before going on a date. While over a third of men  claim they would be more willing to splash out on a big meal if they were guaranteed to get lucky afterwards, compared to just 15 per cent of women who said the same.

Food & Manners

Men take heed; two thirds of female respondents admit that the fastest way in to a woman’s heart is simply to act like a gentleman, something one in ten male respondents mistakenly think isn’t a valued quality anymore.

Food & Looks 


Couple more of these, she’ll be putty in my hands …

Confirming the harsh realities of Britain’s dating scene, over half of Brits (52 per cent) admit they would likely ditch their date if they were ugly or boring. But revealing just what lengths we do go to in order to impress dates we find appealing, A third of women (33 per cent) claim they would eat less if they found the person attractive.

 Food & Money

In an age where chivalry is supposed to be dead, a quarter of women (26 per cent) said the most awkward moment on a date is when the waiter brings the bill.

When it comes to the thorny issue of whose responsibility it is to pay, 49 per cent of women claim it is still the man’s responsibility to pick up the cheque whilst according to the ideals of an equal society, over half of men (53 per cent) claim otherwise, suggesting that women should share the responsibility of splitting the bill.

This is perhaps one of the many reasons why a significant number of women (17 per cent) claim that men are no longer chivalrous.

London matchmaker and dating expert Caroline Brealey, who worked with Bookatable on the research, explains, “Splitting the bill after dinner makes the date feel more like a catch up with friends than it does a romantic dinner for two. Don’t end up in the ‘friend zone’ before you’ve even got started! Why not take turns? The man can pick up the tab for dinner before you move onto another restaurant for dessert and cocktails on her, far more romantic than getting your calculator out to split the bill and you get to discover more restaurants, a win win situation”.




 Food & Cringing

Most awkward dinner date moments

Revealing the nation’s most common fears ahead of a dinner date, half of respondents  were most scared of ‘the no show’, crowning it the most awkward date moment. While 39 per cent reveal their biggest fear is spilling food down their clothes with a quarter (26 per cent) saying burping is the most embarrassing date mishap.

One in five women  say the most embarrassing incident on a first date is when their companion goes in for a premature kiss and 18 per cent say they cringe when they are prematurely invited back to their date’s flat or a hotel – something that over half of men  admit they would do if the date is going well.

Food & Etiquette 

In terms of table etiquette, a fifth of those polled (25 per cent) admit they would care less about their table manners if the person wasn’t attractive, something that apparently has a highly negative affect since 48 per cent claim they wouldn’t go on a second date with a messy eater.

Joe Steele, CEO of Bookatable, comments: “Our research reveals that people have varying opinions when it comes to dating etiquette, but what is clear is that good manners are still a valued commodity when it comes to dining at a restaurant. Everyone clearly has different standards and beliefs on the topic of paying the bill and finding their opposite attractive – finding a common ground on these types of issues is often the key to a compatible relationship.”


katyFood and Sex.

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