Clocked – A Dating App That Promises More, But Will It Deliver?

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unnamedI always get excited when I hear about a new dating app that’s been launched, and whilst some would say they are all pale imitations of Tinder, I’d argue that actually, some of them are clever variations of an idea that works – saying that, surely there are only so many different ways of swiping left or right? It was with interest, then,  to hear about the latest new kid on the block, Clocked – an app that, not only allows you swipe singles, but also helps you build a relationship once you’re in it too. 

I’m not quite sure if this is a great idea – a combination of Tinder and Time Out, wrapped up in an app or a depressing testament to the fact that, these days, we are not only loosing the ability to meet people without the help of technology but we can’t even plan a date or hold together a relationship without reaching for our smart phones either!

Great idea for time short, tech-savy singles or enough to want to make you throw the dating towel in – what do you think? … 

Clocked app is new London matchmaking app that curates a wealth of creative date ideas for each user is launching to bridge the gap between hook-up apps and older noughties dating websites.

Clocked will bring the best date spots to London based users, saving time whilst creating the perfect date.

To save users trawling through hundreds of accounts, Clocked will send daters six compatible suggestions a day with one ‘clock’, which allows them to strike up conversation with a match. Curated ideas for dates will then be tailored to individuals based on their character.

The app will be aimed at young professionals; offering them exciting date ideas for evenings and weekends.

Clocked worked with a team of psychologists to create a series of questions about user’s priorities and personalities that could be used to match users. Using these answers the app uses an algorithm to suggest an initial meeting for two compatible users.

Online dating has gained a bad reputation for horror stories about fake profiles. Clocked gets around this by becoming the first dating tool to cross-reference users’ Facebook profiles with iTunes data to eliminate the phonies out there.

We believe that existing dating apps focus to heavily on superficial aspects without considering users compatability. Clocked’s founders are keen to put a meaning back into dating. Clocked moves beyond ‘hook-up’ apps by targeting young professionals who want something more than just a one night hook up.

For the paid service users will pay the £7.99 per month access fee via the App Store. However, for a limited time only for the first Londoners, Clocked want to offer free lifetime subscription using the promo code ‘londonvip’.

Ben Lambert, founder of Clocked, said:

“Clocked is London’s first matchmaking app. We want to provide the best dating experience for people in London. Current users of standard dating sites are sick of wasting time, being flooded by fake profiles, trawling through people they have nothing in common with and not having time to find where the best date spots are in London. We want to change that.

Our app will only suggest a profile if you both share interests or values, then gives you great date ideas and with the aim to get people dating.”

katyClocked – A Dating App That Promises More, But Will It Deliver?

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