Antidate – A Dating App, But Not as You Know it

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antidate-grid-5-2Earlier this month TV channel ‘Dave’ launched the Money Pit – their answer to Dragon’s Den. Inspired by the modern trend of crowd-funding, the Money Pit is a light-hearted show, hosted by comedian Jason Manford. Instead of millionaire ‘dragons’, the Money Pit is filled with forty-one strangers who are all willing to invest their own money in fledgling businesses.

Usually, when a new dating app or product is launched, it is difficult to gauge its potential until the word gets around and people do, or do not, start using it – Antidate proves its worth with a completely different approach, however, and by stealing the show on The Money Pit proves that – not only does it evoke confidence in potential investors, but that it certainly looks to have legs in the dating world.

So what makes it so special? 

Well, for a start the new dating app designed to put a twist on conventional online dating.

  •   Antidate works like a one-way glass. Girls can see guys using the app, but the guys can’t see the girls. If a girl finds a guy she is interested in, she can contact him. Guys can only see the profiles of girls who have contacted them.
  •   This asymmetrical experience for men and women means that women don’t ever get bombarded with inane or abusive messages. As a result, after almost a year of activity, the site boasts no incidents of abusive behavior, and no inappropriate photos.
  •   The site requires users to take a time-stampedselfie as their main profile picture. This means the profile photos onAntidate are all honest, andthere are zero fake profiles.
    Antidate Team

    the antidote team

    Why is Antidate different?

    Antidate was started by childhood friends Hatty Kingsley-Miller and Mo Saha. Hatty dated online in her late twenties and early thirties, and describes the experience as ‘horrendous’.

Hatty and Mo had wanted to work together since they were 14, and when they realised in 2012 that most dating sites were designed by men, they saw a gap in the market. A dating site which looked at dating from the girl’s perspective.

Hatty and Mo want Antidate to be the dating app for people who don’t like online dating.

What do users think of Antidate?

Girls like the anonymity of the one-way glass. Many women still don’t want everyone to know that they are dating online.

Guys are relieved that the pressure is off for once. They no longer have to play a numbers game, because they know every woman who contacts them is interested. Men are really chuffed when they get a message on the app. 8 out of 10 guys on Antidate respond when a girl makes contact – a stat which is far higher than the norm.

How did Antidate do on Money Pit?

On this evening’s show the entrepreneurs were up against hang-over cures, bespoke dog costumes and barbecue merchandise. The 41 investors in the Money Pit were a tough crowd, heckling many of the other start-ups. However Hatty and Mo were greeted with really positive comments, and managed to secure their target of £20,000 almost effortlessly.

14 of the 41 backers invested in Antidate, in return for 2% equity in the app. The biggest investor put in £5,000, taking money out of two of the other companies to support Antidate. 5 of the investors also complained they didn’t get the chance to invest.

Antidate is also the highest valued company to present in the Money Pit and to complete an investment round from it.

David Strang, Antidate Investor

“Antidate was the pitch of the series. Hatty and Mo stood out ahead of all of the other contenders. They were professional, eloquent and presented a fantastic business idea. Antidate epitomizes modern romance. With it, Mo and Hatty are truly reinventing and revolutionising the dating app space.”

Robert King, Antidate Investor

“I was so impressed with Mo, Hatty and the Antidate concept that I increased my investment after the show. They have the skills and team to execute their idea, and if anyone can crack the dating game, it’s these two.”

Marina Nadirova, Antidate Investor

I see a lot of pitches and I’m very active in a number of tech ventures, and Antidate immediately caught my attention.The presentation was solid and I loved the energy of the founders.But moreover, I thought that the concept was unique, well-thought through, and can bring multiple sources of revenues, which is generally not the case with many dating apps.With my extensive finance experience, I hope I will be able to contribute to the growth of Antidate.

Hatty Kingsley-Miller:

“Our experience on the Money Pit couldn’t have been more positive. With our backers on board and their follow-up investment, we’ve got a real cavalry behind us now.”



katyAntidate – A Dating App, But Not as You Know it

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