A New Dating Show – From JigTalk & The Gorgeous Josie Gibson!

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When it comes to new dating app ideas there is certainly no shortage of them! However, I’m always interested in the ones that dare to be a little bit different. JigTalk is one such app. Determined to prove the doubters wrong (that most online daters base their choices on physical appearance alone) they are an app that force people to go beyond the profile pic and find a deeper connection.

Once upon a time, after getting rejected on a dating app which shall not be named, Co-founder Max Adamski asked himself: “talk first, photo second?“. Kaboom. The JigTalk concept was born. Soon after, friend/business brain Alex Durrant teamed up with Max to create the app.
Today, we’re a team of 7, doing this dating thing differently – and it seems there is no stopping them, as they’re taking over the airwaves with an awesome new dating show hosted by the fab Josie Gibson.

2Josie Gibson, the first contestant to leave The Jump yesterday evening, will host new blind dating show, Getting Jiggy with Josie! The show is a creative partnership between the newly launched blind dating app, JigTalk, and television broadcaster, Made TV – the first of its kind!

JigTalk, Tech City News’ download of the week, has become the first mobile app to co-create a television programme with a broadcaster, and its mission is to bring conversation back into the dating equation. The show brings this to life through a unique mix of blindfolds, awkward tasks and Cilla-esque probing questions about the most intimate secrets of each contestant.

And I for one can’t wait!

Watch live or catch up here!



katyA New Dating Show – From JigTalk & The Gorgeous Josie Gibson!

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