Body-Shaming – Why Reality Stars Should be Careful About What They Bitch About

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I need my safe space!

We live in a funny old world at the moment. Social media has given people a platform to voice opinions, both positive and negative, and be heard. Instead of commentary on other people’s actions, looks and behaviour being reserved for journalists alone, thanks to the likes of Twitter and Facebook – if you have something to say you can say it, be re-tweeted, ‘liked’, shared or shut down.

I should know, being a fairly outspoken gal myself, I’m shut down on a regular basis. Trolled? Not so far, but I’m working on it.


I’m so offended! ban It!

I have opinions on a lot of things, including other people’s relationships, their sex lives, what women wear and their weight. When someone packs in the kg’s I may comment on it, if they suddenly get super fit or if they lose a lot, I’ll notice it.

Today I read about another ‘celebrity’ – TOWIE’s Georgia Kousoulou – talking about ‘body-shaming’ and suggesting that it would be a good idea for it to be made illegal, that there should be a law ‘where people shouldn’t be allowed to comment on people’s appearance and slate them.’

The comments ran along side her posing in a bikini – full face of make up and photoshopped to f**k.


It’s quite simple. There are two types of body shaming.

1) An overweight person walks down the street and a total stranger calls them a fat c**t.

2) An Essex girl poises semi-naked on a weekly basis in exchange for column inches and her five minutes of fame, gets paid for it, wants people to look at it, but for it to be illegal to comment on it.

The fat cunt I feel sorry for, the Essex girl? Not so much.


stop looking at me!

Because here’s the thing. If you take you clothes off and ask a national magazine to put you on their front pages, do not be surprised when people comment on it. Your body is the thing you are using to promote yourself, you’re exploiting your physical appearance in order to push yourself forward in the public eye – and yet you don’t want people to talk about it?

For as long as people put themselves in the public domain (semi-naked) they’re fair game for comment.

If you don’t want to be trolled or talked about keep your bloody clothes on.

It’s *that* simple.

But, in a world obsessed with political correctness and safe spaces we’ve all lost our way on freedom of opinion and speech. Nobody *has* to have their photo taken in a bikini. But if you choose to, expect feedback.

The irony is that it’s social media, and the twittering and tittle-tattle of us common folk that has got talentless reality stars where they are today – without the trolling and the gossip, Georgia Kousoulou would be working behind the till at Boots instead of on the front covers of Ok! magazine.

Georgia Kousoulou should be careful not to bite the hand that feeds her, because talentless reality stars should know that there’s only one thing worse than being talked about badly …

… Not being talked about at all.

katyBody-Shaming – Why Reality Stars Should be Careful About What They Bitch About

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