Pennethorne’s at Somerset House – the perfect place for a date.

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Last night I had a fabulous evening with my fellow dating gals, at Pennethorne’s, the new cafe bar at Somerset House. I was a bit wary of the place being wall to wall with supermodels eating raw beetroot and celery, what with Somerset House being an epicentre of London Fashion … Read More

katyPennethorne’s at Somerset House – the perfect place for a date.

Food and Sex.

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I’m usually loathed to entertain anything remotely related to Valentine’s Day – fearing it has become a day of forced romance and insincerity. However, when it comes to food, most notably food-bought-for-me-by-somebody-else, I perk up. Some interesting research carried out for you by  concerning food, sex, romance and why 33 per … Read More

katyFood and Sex.