10 Reasons You Need to Book a Dirty Weekend Now

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Autumn, meh.

The time of year when the fun of the summer seems a distant memory and the excitement of Christmas, miles away.

And just to hammer the nail in the proverbial coffin, not satisfied with dry January, there’s a craze for going sober in October now, which is truly shit, but that’s for another blog post.

Anyhow, as we were – generally speaking, it’s undeniably a pretty tepid time of year.

So, this being the case, what better time than now to book a weekend away? And not just any weekend away – a dirty weekend.

Not convinced that travelling, shagging and definitely not going sober in October is a good idea?

Here are 10 reasons you need a dirty weekend in your diary now.

1. Bugger all is happening here

And whilst the energy of a night out builds up week on week from now until Christmas, you’ve got a solid four weeks under your belt until anything remotely interesting happens (read: Halloween) so you may as well take advantage of a quiet spell.


Glorious Paris

2. The weather is perfect (for shagging)

The nights are drawing in, the temperatures dropping – but Europe is still warm enough for a post coital fag on the balcony.

Put another way, it’s warm enough to go with few enough clothes for hand luggage, but not too hot anywhere that, while spending the day in bed until midday, you feel guilt for missing the sun.

3. You’re not fat yet

As you’ve yet to consume your own bodyweight in food and drink at Christmas parties, and  still carry with you the fading glimmer of a summer holiday tan.

4. But you can indulge

… Without worrying about having to get in a bikini a week later.

Meaning that Belgium chocolate, French wine and Italian pasta are all good to go – and what’s sexier than a girl who knows how to eat.


Beautiful Barcelona

5. You’ll have more space

Cities are generally quieter this time of year, so instead of having to pay through the nose for a flight, queue an hour for a taxi only to elbow your way down the Rambles, you’ll have your pick of the hotels and won’t need to pre book two days in advance for your romantic dinners.

Dubrovnik for example, remains warm in October but the crowds that usually swap the cobbled streets  have dispersed – crowds, temperatures and prices drop. What’s not to love.

6. You’ll have more money

And won’t need to re-mortgage your house to pay for a flight/hotel/meal like you would do during the summer.

7. Cities of gold

… Orange and red, as leaves turn in autumn. Ljubljana for example, labelled Europe’s greens city, turns a fiery orange at this time of year and in November has its national day of wine – which means booze and sex and makes me very happy indeed.


The Northern Lights

8. Northern lights

Which you have a chance of catching in the Icelandic city of Reykjavik now – a sky of greens, blues, yellow and pink … and if that doesn’t get you in the mood.

9. Paris is around the corner

And is a city you need to drink wine, have sex and start smoking again in – and sod the time of year.

Sign up to the promotions and Eurostar is also a lot cheaper than you think.

10. Life’s too short

You could either be watching a box set with an M&S ready meal before another early night, or be drinking champagne naked at 3am in a sexy boutique hotel in Budapest.

Your call.




katy10 Reasons You Need to Book a Dirty Weekend Now

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    1. katy

      i know, does take a bit of forward planning (and double the price of the weekend with childcare!!) but worth it as a treat ; )

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