14 Reasons We Should All Be In Love With Nancy Dell’Olio

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It’s official, I have a new girl crush and it comes in the shape of Nancy Dell’Olio, the super hot Italian goddess, most recently known for her stint on Celebrity Big Brother.

Not only is she my new lady crush, she also takes girl power to a whole new level. 

Nancy Dell’Olio, whilst not being the most obvious icon of female empowerment, actually proves herself, in both word an action, to be an inspiration to as all.

Feisty, intelligent, glamorous to a fault and consistently giving zero fucks whatsoever about what people think of her.

14 reasons why we should  all be in love with Nancy.

Unknown-31. She rocks a leopard print mini-skirt

And doesn’t care what she’s supposed to wear at ‘her age’

From platform stilettos to sequined catsuits, when it comes to knowing her ‘look’ she’s on point. A cross between a Dolce & Gabana muse and a raven-haired Jackie Collins, she might not be ‘fashionable’ but, man, does she know what suits her.

Oh, and she wore a red, rhinestone-encrusted catsuit to number 10.


2. She’s got brains

With a law degree, a masters degree, a stint as a lawyer in New York and a book under her belt, she proves that being beautiful and being clever do not need to mutually exclusive.

And that clever girls can still wear lipstick.

3. She’s dangerously sexy

Fun, intelligent, good-humoured, over the top and to hell with the consequences – proving that it’s not just a pretty face that makes you hot.

4. She damns the haters

‘Jealousy is something that just doesn’t belong to me so I don’t understand it, women need to stick together’


5. She’s doesn’t lower herself

And proved it by keeping herself to herself during her recent stint in the Big Brother house. When arguments erupted she steered clear, leaving the ‘little girls’ to get on with the bitching.

6. She doesn’t conform

And is totally unapologetic about the fact that she never wanted children and, in her fifties, has multiple lovers.

7. And has standards that won’t be compromised

‘I want someone to make me laugh, keep me entertained and engaged, share experiences with me, not be competitive with me, to respect my independence. I need someone who can play the game with me and embrace all the madness and laugh along with me.’

 Unknown-28. She’s not afraid to big herself up

‘My parents say that I had a great personality – I was the one you always noticed. Everybody knew me. I would call it charisma. People knew when I walked in the room. Celebrity was a natural place for me to end up’

In a world where people are constantly made to feel like they aren’t good enough (men and women alike) it’s great to hear someone blowing their own trumpet … and Nancy demonstrates brilliantly, that life’s too short for self-deprecation.

9. She’s ambitious

Her biggest disappointment?

‘I had ambition to become US president and I know I could do that, but I didn’t spend enough time in America.’

Whether she meant it or it was a tongue-in-cheek comment, the fact that she said it is where the brilliance lies, because she sets her goals and isn’t afraid to voice them.

10. She loves herself

‘I am quite enamoured with myself at the moment and quite happy with myself.’

A women being happy with themselves when asked what they’s like to change.

The horror!

11. And when asked what her most treasured possession is …

‘Myself. There are so many material things but things are things. I treasure all my gifts and art, but the most fragile possession for all of us is ourselves.’ 


12. She never re-reads interviews or looks at herself on TV

And, in a society where it’s considered the norm for celebrities to post seven hundred selfies a day, air brush the f**k out of their faces at 22-years-old or spend their life on a diet in order to release fitness videos that don’t work … Nancy does the job, then moves on without judgment or self-criticism.

nancy-dell-olio-113. She loves a glass of champagne and the good things in life


And what’s not to love about that.

14. She’s proud of her age

‘At 50 your brain and your soul work much better, these days 50 is like the new 30.’

And considers herself too young for surgery.

… and looking like that, I don’t bloody blame her.



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