Selfies, pets and group picture – How your dating profile might be doing your love life more harm than good

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Anyone who’s used a dating app before will know that, when it comes to meeting people online, there are no hard and fast rules that will guarantee you love – and ‘online’ trends change quicker than you can say ‘how are you set for Wednesday?’.

I’m excited, then, to give you some insightful findings from the dating app,  Once – an innovative new dating app that uses real matchmakers to help users find meaningful relationships, looking at UK dating trends within the digital realm of apps.

Pay attention now, you never know when you’ll need them …

Timing of a message  

The time of day when a message is sent can have a direct impact on whether or not the recipient sends a response. 38% of messages sent via dating apps before noon are not replied to. Whereas nearly three-quarters of all messages (73.5%) sent between 6pm and 9pm are followed up with. This means a user is twice as likely to receive a response if they are active on a dating app during the early evening period.

Black and white, or colour profile photo?

Black and white images are increasingly being used as profile pictures on dating sites and apps. This may well be because the user genuinely believes they look more attractive in monotone. However, the use of a colour photo versus a black and white image has absolutely no impact on how successful a dating profile will be. It’s 100% pure vanity!

Dating is not a ‘friendly’ thing

If a member of the opposite sex is present in the main profile photo – it is 10% less likely to receive a message. Over a third of men have profile pictures featuring a female acquaintance and nearly half have a photo with another male. Meaning less than 1-in-5 men use profile photos of themselves alone. So, 80% of men clearly don’t appreciate the fact that solo is best – as typically they want to portray themselves as fun, friendly and sociable. Which could be doing them a disservice on first impressions with the ladies.

 How many photos and what type?

Five is the optimum number of photos in a dating profile. Full-length body shots get on average 65% more messages and men’s profiles perform better when the photos are outside, whereas women’s get more traction when they are indoors.

To selfie, or not? That is the question

The humble selfie has become an everyday term. But does it work for dating profiles? For ladies YES it does! Women with selfies as their profile photo will receive on average 9% more messages than those with other photo types. However, for men it will lead to 14% fewer messages.

Which indicates the fairer sex is far more adept to taking better quality selfies.

Fur babies

Nearly a third (27%) of all profile pictures contain a pet – which is testament to the fact that Brits are animal lovers, after all as a nation we share our homes with over nine million dogs and approaching eight million cats. By showing our furry friends we make ourselves more appealing as these types of photo will portray our caring nature.



katySelfies, pets and group picture – How your dating profile might be doing your love life more harm than good

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