(More) Advice to Kelly Brook – The Importance of Maintaining Dignity at the End of a Relationship.

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All over that meat-head – you couldn’t make it up.

Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, you’re at it again.

Not content with wasting enough time already on another useless twat of a boyfriend, it would seem that you’re now hell-bent on trashing his new partner.

Make no mistake, I love a bit of ‘ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend’ stalking as much as the next girl, virtual self-harming at its very finest – but ranting texts to your ex, branding her fat and unattractive – dear Kelly, a little dignity please.

You see, here’s the thing. Unfortunately, when it comes to moving on, men have an annoying ability to put things behind them. Unlike us women, who emotionally wrap things up after a relationship more thoroughly, but, frustratingly, take a little longer to do so.

And so we have a situation where your ex has moved on and you haven’t. That coupled with a debatably healthy dose of jealous has resulted in your late night drunk-texting and a distinct lack of dignity, both painfully visible to the entire world, thanks to the ill-considered decision to post your private text on Twitter, by your fame-whoring, ex-boyfriend.


How NOT to write a dignified text.

Seeing somebody you love move on is f***ing hideous.

There really is no pain like it, but abusing the decisions (he is now free to make) will categorically not make him regret leaving you, suddenly make him realise he has made a dreadful mistake or dump his new girlfriend.

It will, however, confirm to him that he has made the right decision in leaving you, think you’re a psycho with nothing better to do than stalk him and consider actioning a restraining order against you.

I’d wager you feel shit this morning. The bad news is it’s out there now and there’s no going back, the good news is you can learn from this sorry mess.

You screwed up, so what. People will get over it and so must you. Use this to recognise that your ex is a tool ( who cares so little about you that he’s willing to post your private messages all over Twitter) and his new ex-girlfriend is the poor girl who has to live with him now.

Or they could live happily every after and they’ll be married by the summer. Either way, it’s no longer your business, and reducing yourself to being the third person in their relationship, not only makes you look a bit bonkers but does nothing for your self-esteem or confidence either.

Men can be shit, as can break-ups, it’s not something anyone is immune to, or the fault of the new women in your ex’s life. Now here comes the tough love – grow the f**k up and deal with it.

Yes, really.

Because you can either be a jealous little girl who can’t let go and new-girlfriend bashes as a ‘cunning and original’ way to hurt you ex. (read: not) or you can deal with the pain like an adult and move on to a better less toxic life, either on your own as a beautiful women who values herself, or with a new partner who doesn’t treat you like something he’s trying to remove from the bottom of his shoe.

Temporarily more painful but a damn sight more healing in the long run.

So start today by letting go of the blame and the hate, and don’t let a toxic relationship poison you anymore.


Ps. and who the hell are Jess and Aisleyne!? *sighs*

katy(More) Advice to Kelly Brook – The Importance of Maintaining Dignity at the End of a Relationship.

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