Why *All* Women Need This Man In Their Life

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KatyH-41When I hear the word ‘boudoir’ I instantly think of feather bowers and chaise longues – so when I was approached to do a ‘boudoir shoot’ I was reluctant. Eventually I agreed and, to say I was happy with the results, is an understatement.

How wrong I was!

KatyH-19Alex, photographer behind the fabulous www.ever.photography works hard to escape the often naff and tacky reputation of boudoir photography by creating breathtaking images that are both sexy and subtle – capturing the very best of every woman he photographs.

The session takes a couple of hours, in the comfort of your own home (no echo-y studios and harsh lighting!) and Alex leaves it to you on what you’d like to wear. Given my capacity to get carried away, I was obviously half naked before he’d made it past the front door, but, for the more bashful amongst you, there’s no pressure on what (or what not) to wear. Similarly, I felt totally relaxed and inspired on the shoot, helpfully guided on how to stand for the most flattering angles (hold that tummy in! – my input not his) and not remotely threatened or conscious in any way.

KatyH-94Not only did the experience leave me with some *amazing* shots to treasure forever, but doing the actual session itself was fun and liberating! – whether you need a confidence boost or you’re in an awesome place and want to capture your fabulousness, I couldn’t recommend it enough.

Having intimate photos taken can often take a bit of courage, but with Alex’s professionalism and talent, you couldn’t feel more relaxed and at ease. I’m so thrilled with the results and am wondering if it’s not considered the done thing to blow them up life-size and make cardboard cuts outs of myself.

KatyH-125Joking aside, intimate photographs are a beautiful thing to have for yourself or as a gift for your partner – and rather than waste time with someone who’s going to have you in a pink garter and a pair of fishnets, go straight to a person who *knows* the true meaning of the word sexy.

(You don’t have to be a model or stick thin either, Alex seems to have an uncanny knack of making *all* women look amazing!)

And for all my gorgeous All Sweetness and Life readers, Alex is offering a massive £100 discount from the usual £350 fee, meaning you’ll be immortalised as the goddess you are for £250!

The price includes the photo session itself and 15 fully edited photos with the option to buy more.

KatyH-109Contact Alex at alex.everphoto@gmail.com or through his website www.ever.photography

follow Alex on Twitter @acalculatedrisk

or for more examples of his amazing work on Instagram @acalculatedrisk

….. and don’t forget to mention All Sweetness and Life for your amazing discount! 




katyWhy *All* Women Need This Man In Their Life

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