My chat with Stephen Nolan on BBC5 Live on the Ashley Madison hack (and why the shamed members deserve everything they get)

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Unknown-4It was great talking to Stephen Nolan on BBC5 live this weekend on the controversial Ashley Madison hack – as the plot thickens even further, with a third batch of files containing the details of  members seeking an affair, was leaked last week, the impact on the personal lives of millions of people could be colossal.

The hackers behind the leak are unapologetic and show no remorse in shaming so many people.

My view? Serves them all right.

I have no sympathy for the members of the website and as I explained to Stephen, felt that whilst, not necessarily deserving the invasion on their privacy in such a monumental way, only have themselves to blame for the mess they are in.

For those of you who’ve been living under a rock for the last week Ashley Madison is a dating site for people seeking an affair, with 37 million members worldwide, it seems there are a s**t load of people out there with a taste for the illicit – there’s money in deceit and Ashley Madison were cashing in.

With a tagline ‘Life’s too short – have an affair’ you literally couldn’t make it up. Surely life’s too short to stay in a shit relationship you’re not happy in, or am I over-simplifying things?

Make no mistake, I’ve been around the block enough to know that affairs are a fact of life. They happen, and aren’t something I have a black and white view on. A man having a drunkard one-night stand for example, can be forgiven in my eyes, even a longer affair – people make mistakes, life happens.

However, if I was to find my partner was on the Ashely Madison list of shame, would I be so forgiving? Absolutely not.

That a person in a relationship would actively seek out to lie to their partner in such a calculated and pre-mediated way is what makes it so seedy – and unforgivable.

Aside from anything, I can’t imagine anything more of a turn-off than being with a person who didn’t have the balls to leave a bad relationship – couldn’t offer me the respect enough to cut ties, no matter how difficult that may be, and allow me to move on.

Because signing up to a cheating site is not only a cowards way of ‘fixing’ a bad situation (for them at least) –  but just a bit bloody creepy. After all, who’d actually want to be with the kind of person who advertise themselves on a website as being happy to settle for sloppy seconds and a quick shag at a Travel lodge on a lunch-break – put it this way, you’re probably do well to remember your cheque book.

And it’s this reason I have no sympathy for the Ashley Madison members – you play with fire, you should expect to get burnt, and burn they did indeed.

My advice? If you want to shag someone who isn’t your wife, man up and have the balls to leave – because life’s too short … to be a  creepy f**ker online.

katyMy chat with Stephen Nolan on BBC5 Live on the Ashley Madison hack (and why the shamed members deserve everything they get)

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