MAISON 10 – Beautiful Products and Brilliant Causes, That’s my Kind of Retail …

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There is no shame in treating yourself and who doesn’t love a bit of a shop – but what if, by enjoying beautiful products, you could also be helping some fantastic causes too?

Think it’s too good to be true? Think again! I’d like yo introduce MAISON 10  an incredible retail concept which could well be the way forward in terms of combining  retail and social awareness – with responsible consumerism at its very heart … and I, for one, love it!

cf2cb843ca0550083ecd37fa93d0ec5b_originalWhat’s it all about? 

MAISON 10 is a chic new online and retail design store created by Tom Blackie, Henri Myers and Carsten Klein and is a platform for talented, innovative designers to bring their high-quality products to a wider market. Likewise, for our featured visual artists, they are offering a fresh, user-friendly take on the traditional gallery model.

They will feature 10 highly desirable, hand selected items across 10 different categories for a period of 10 weeks i.e. a total of only 100 items will be available at any one time online and in-store.

Categories will include: fragrances, candles, home, gifts, jewelry, men’s accessories, well-being, bags, and books.

The 10th category will change at the end of each 10-week cycle. For MAISON 10’s opening the spotlight will be on ‘cities’ featuring New York City as our inspiration. At the end of each 10-week cycle the product from each category which has sold the most units (combined online and in-store sales) will remain for the following 10 weeks.

483e549bd3767fd4530ca0b7dc0cd411_original-1The difference is … 

At the core of our concept, is the fact that 10% from the sale of each product and artwork will be donated at the point of sale to 1 of 10 charities (not for profit organizations) selected by the purchaser. They want to create a way for people to shop for beautiful items and support beautiful charitable causes while doing so.

MAISON 10 will promote and highlight socially conscious consumerism with every single sale made. The founders, claim to have always been frustrated with the schemes offered by other businesses that try to encourage charity supporters to buy products through their shopping websites.

Often, the donation process is overly complicated and the actual charitable contribution is miniscule, usually only a fraction of a percent. They’re going to change all of this by donating a full 10% of every single sale made in the MAISON 10 store or through their online shop.

At the point of sale the customer will choose from a list of 10 amazing charities (below) – a mix of US, UK, European and International non-profit organizations. Nine of these charities have been selected by the founders and the 10th will be chosen by our featured designers.



Creating an innovative and ambitious new project like MAISON 10 is an expensive undertaking. The founders will use funds to design and outfit the store, create the website, purchase products, materials, and cover all of the other costs involved in bringing our exciting new concept to life – all of which, in turn, will support 10 incredible charities.

If you’d like to help with this fantastic  project, check out their Maison 10 kickstarter page here

and follow them on Facebook Instagram or Twitter for the  latest Maison 10 trends, news and updates!

Stunning product, slick design *and* knowing you are helping global charities while you shop – now, that sounds like my kind of retail! 



katyMAISON 10 – Beautiful Products and Brilliant Causes, That’s my Kind of Retail …

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