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As a Monday morning treat for All Sweetness & Life fans I am excited to offer you the opportunity to see ‘The art of dating’ brought to you by celebrity founders of Get The Guy – Steve and Matthew Hussey, absolutely FREE!

Normally I’d be sceptical about ‘lectures’ on dating but Get The Guy is the world’s leading authority on dating and attraction for women. Matthew and Steven have studied over 10,000 men and analysed over 5,000 dates, all to bring you the truth about how men really think. They are honest and approachable and if nothing else the event is set to be an amazing fun-filled day and a super way to kick-start you love life (just in time for the New Year!)


• How to get in control of your love life

• Hundreds of tips on the do’s and don’ts of dating

• Simple techniques to get the guy you like to notice you

• How to keep a guy from once you have found him

• Dispelling the dating myths

• Why women CAN take the driving seat

• Why you should NEVER settle

• Learn about the ‘emotional hook point’

• Plus you’ll get the answers to your questions on intimacy


Date: Saturday 29th November 2014

 Venue: Holiday Inn – Kings Cross

1 Kings Cross Road, WC1X9HX


Time: 10.00am to 5.30pm. Registration: 09.50am



So what are you waiting for? head over here to reserve your FREE spot and look forward to a great day with two of the leading dating experts in the world!


katyGet The Guy.

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