As Cheryl Finds ‘Love’ Again – I ask, Why The Rush?

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Cheryl and Liam

According to recent press, Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, (nee Tweedy, previously Cole) has a new boyfriend who comes in the shape of Liam Payne from the boy band, One Direction. After a series of cryptic Instagram posts, the couple went public with their relationship this weekend.

Not especially big news you’d say, regardless of whether it’s genuine or a well-timed publicity stunt.

However, what I find more interesting than the relationship itself, is the speed in which Cheryl has paired up after separating from her husband Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versing, which, if speculations are to believed, was less than three months ago.

Fairly speedy, when the divorce papers aren’t yet signed and already she’s in a new *relationship*.


Cheryl and JB

Now, make no mistake, I’m all for getting under a new man to get over an old one and do think that shagging around a bit after a break up can be the best tonic for fixing a broken heart, however, when it comes to new relationships and publicly pairing yourself up with someone else, I start to get confused by the rush.

And think that jumping from one relationship to another shows it’s less about exclusivity and more about insecurity.

The inability to be on your own.

Cheryl is a self-proclaimed ‘old fashioned girl’ and has made no secret, in the past, about wanting to be a wife and a mother, and there’s no harm in that. But, jumping from one relationship to the other, for the sake of being in a relationship, is never going to give you what you want, a temporary sense of relief and security maybe, but never the sort of enduring love and partnership you’re looking for, not least of all from a 22-year-old member of a boyband, three months after you’ve separated from your husband.

People are celebrating the fact she has ‘found love’ and, for fear of passing an opinion that might be construed as anything but positive and politically correct, are ignoring the fact that her romance comes surprisingly soon after her last break up.


Cheryl and Ashley

Her eagerness, to my mind, doesn’t make her look like a girl who’s miraculously got lucky and found love straight after a break up , It makes her look needy and unable to stand on her own as a individual.

I hope that the relationships does work, if for no other reason than I’m getting exhausted by trying to keep up with her surnames, but I fear it’s set to fail.

Because, what Cheryl really needs, isn’t to be one half of another relationship, but to be her own whole person for a while, without having to hang off the arm of somebody else in order to feel complete.

Cliche as it sounds, to learn how to love herself before she tried to love anyone else.

Because there’s nothing wrong with preferring to be in a relationship than being alone, but, since when did being single become so scary?

katyAs Cheryl Finds ‘Love’ Again – I ask, Why The Rush?

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