Why Jason From ‘Married at First Sight’ Is The Worst Kind of Modern-day Dater

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The ‘happy’ couple

Last night, the Channel 4 programme ‘Married at First Sight’ reached its finale. 1500 contestants applied to take part in an experiment to see if love can be forecasted and people can be matched by ‘experts’. The programme ended with two couples getting married, having never met each other before, and living as man and wife.

One of the couples gave it a go and seemed to get on reasonably well (although there were certainly no fireworks, more a case of ‘sod it, we get on Ok, let’s see what happens) the other couple, barely ten minutes into the honeymoon – realised there was absolutely no chemistry and, despite, on paper, being ‘perfectly matched’ essentially spent the entire experiment living separate lives.

Needless to say an old cynic like me wasn’t surprised at the outcome.

And, it won’t shock you to hear, that I found it less a fascinating experiment of love and connection, and more a depressing testament to how desperate so many people still are to be in a couple, or, more simply put, how scared they are of being alone.

The worst thing about the programme was Jason.

What. A. Tool.

For those of you who missed it, Jason was paired with Kate, a very pretty brunette, who came across as nice, kind and by all accounts, willing to give it a go.

Jason, on the other hand, was a thin-lipped little prick (never trust a man with thin lips)

He didn’t fancy Kate, and realised that soon in. That in itself wasn’t the problem. The problem was that, less than three weeks into the ‘marriage’, he was back on Tinder.

It literally makes me want to weep – and epitomizes everything I hate about modern-day dating. He couldn’t even muster it up within himself to give Kate the respect she deserved, by at least seeing the experiment through until the programme finished, before crawling around on Tinder, swiping his way around other women.


Going back online when you haven’t even had the balls to wrap up the relationship you are in, doesn’t make you a player or a stud, it makes you a w***ker with no manners – and with serious issues of your own that you can’t have a months breathing space on your own, between relationships.



Being on Tinder three weeks in says a terrifying amount about, not only his neediness and lack of confidence, (really?? three weeks??) but the disposability in which people see relationships these days. Why bother investing in any sort of commitment and effort when you could be swiping anonymous faces on a dating app?

And the fact that he was on a programme to marry a stranger makes it even more priceless – marrying a stranger than cheating on her by try to pull more strangers. You literally couldn’t make it up .

What is wrong with people (read: men) these days?

Whatever happened to a bit of respect and giving things a chance?

Or am I stuck in the dark ages?

I wouldn’t criticise anyone from walking away from a relationship, hell life’s too short, especially to stay with someone you’ve never met before your wedding day.

But jumping from woman to woman *when you’re being filmed live for national TV* is needy, cringe-worthy and depressing.

If Jason wants a relationship he might want to consider maning up a bit and realising that you set your own standards of respect.

Do unto others and all that jazz.

Actually, scrap that – he got married in a tartan suit.

He deserves to be single forever.


katyWhy Jason From ‘Married at First Sight’ Is The Worst Kind of Modern-day Dater

15 Comments on “Why Jason From ‘Married at First Sight’ Is The Worst Kind of Modern-day Dater”

  1. Carly

    Married a stranger then creeping round on the internet trying to meet another stranger- perfectly put and there’s definitely something wrong with him!

    One note though- Kate is one of my best mates and she’s incredibly funny, charismatic and gentle. She was just a little intimidated by the cameras and the situation :)

    1. katy

      Really! Ok, I’m going to edit that – would you do me a favour and show her the piece, I’d love for her to know that she absolutely did not come off as the ‘loser’ in anyway, that he was a complete knob and everyone thought so!!
      and if you have his twitter handle I’d love that too … wouldn’t mind sending it to him either lol

    2. Jen

      Hi Carly

      I would not usually get involved in a TV show but I just saw Married First Sight.

      Kate is physically stunning and seems totally genuine.

      James is physically unattractive and he behaved in a very cowardly way. I was genuinely shocked how he changed from seeming totally besotted with Kate to behaving in such an unmanly fashion. Just so cowardly.

      He should be thoroughly ashamed and any decent woman seeing him behave like this should run a mile … that’s if his pre-balding hairline, shiny forehead, and ginger flick backed hair hasn’t already …

      I hope Kate knows she will find an amazing man because she will

  2. Rachel

    Ohhh I was watching this last night and couldn’t believe it when he was rumbled on Tinder. I just thought what a tosser. Did he not realise he was on TV or something?
    And poor Kate, she was so sweet and he completely messed her around., she can do so so much better than that weasel in tartan!

  3. sadie

    I don’t know Kate, but I thought she came across as really funny and up for a good time. If the likes of Kate are being dissed by the likes of him…there’s something very wrong in the world. Why did he even go on the show?

  4. Thirtysomethingsingle

    Kate, stunningly beautiful, optimistic, and like a lot of my single friends and I, was willing to give a relationship a chance, knowing that no relationship is picture perfect.

    Jason, sadly, epitomised everything that is so uncool about so many men on the dating scene these days. Disposable dating.. Sweetshop mentality, always swiping, looking around the corner on the off chance that something a bit better will come along, sod what’s right under your nose. Too many men are cowards!

    It’s doesn’t give much hope to finding one of the’good ones’ apparently out there somewhere.

  5. Carly

    Hi Katy, thanks for letting me stick up for my lovely friend and for taking it so graciously :)

    I retweeteted your article and I believe you can find Jason under @jasonsurfhappy. You’re welcome ;) xx

  6. James @ swiperightdiaries

    I don’t agree with the way Jason handled the situation with Kate or with his tinder antics however, he was not solely to blame.
    They both had issues with communication and only talked to the cameras about their feelings. Everyone seems to overlook this aspect as Jason’s final acts overshadowed the real reasons for their relationship failure.
    It takes two to make or break a relationship.

  7. Lee

    I don’t think it took two to make or break this relationship Kate was clearly happy to continue and remain optimistic. Ithink Jason just literally gave up! Read the articles in the press and now he’s blaming even the selection process and apparently he’s being portrayed badly by the program……MAN UP LOSER!!

    Kate is better off without him for sure and deserves to be happy so wish her all the best for the future!

  8. francis

    This is a serious statement. James’s actions could be covering up the fact that he has not accepted his sexuality and other people are suffering while he flounders around trying to accept himself.

  9. KeeKee

    The problem is men see so many beautiful women continuously through all this social media, that they somehow believe they can have them all. The women seem so accessible. “They’re right there in my hand… I can reach out on Twitter, Facebook, Tinder… look, I can literally touch them.” Because their eyes are facing outward staring at all these faces, many men forget what the hell they look like. “Look at all these women… I can have them.” No sir, Jason… no you can’t. In the real world, someone like Kate wouldn’t have given you a second glance. And regardless of how much swiping you do, you’re not going to get any of those pretty Tinder women either. When he said he didn’t find her attractive, I almost choked on my Cheetos! It’s like Jay Z turning to Beyonce and telling her she isn’t attractive.

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