James Bond on Tinder – Would *You* Swipe Right?

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JamesBond_UK_FINWhen you think of James Bond certain things instantly come to mind: martinis (shaken not stirred obviously), fast cars, gadgets galore and most importantly, girls. Widely considered to be the ultimate lady killer, Bond has been breaking hearts since 1962 with his provocative one liners and seductive chat up lines. So to celebrate the hotly anticipated release of Spectre, my friends over at Stylight have brought Bond into the 21st century and imagined what it would be like if Daniel Craig had Tinder… yeah, they went there!


Using direct quotes from the movies themselves they imagined a world where Bond would look to Tinder to chat up the ladies – who needs smouldering looks, charming chat up lines and sizzling chemistry when you have, sigh, dating apps.

Saying that, I couldn’t help but giggle at the thought of the man with the silver tongue charming his way through the modern dating world – question is, would he survive it!?

Especially up against some of these beauties …

Camille Montes – played by Olga Kurylenko, Bolivian Agent Camille Montes appears in 2008’s Quantum of Solace. Famously she is one of the few girls that Bond doesn’t get the chance to bed – not a match!
Strawberry Fields –  Brit actress Gemma Arterton  played MI6 field agent in Quantum of Solace. Her iconic 60’s styling and Prada shift dresses were obviously irresistible for Bond as he famously has a steamy one night stand with her (insert love heart emoji here)
Eve Moneypenny – played by Naomie Harris. Miss Moneypenny has been Bond’s secretary and platonic love interest since it’s inception in 1962 and has been played by multiple actresses. Most recently by British actress Naomie Harris who memorably accidentally shot Bond in Skyfall (2012) – some things should be left on Tinder!
M – played by Judi Dench
JamesBond_UK_FIN3Judi Dench is the only woman to have ever played the role of Head of MI6, she is also the oldest actor to ever portray M. Although she often reprimands Bond she’ll always have a soft spot for him and almost acts as a motherly figure for him – definitely best left platonic!
Sévérine – Bérénice Marlohe plays the ultimate femme fatale in 2012’s Skyfall. When she meets Bond for the first time she’s wearing an unforgettable backless black dress adorned with 60,000 crystals. Her cool, edgy nature has Bond instantly hooked and who could forget that shower scene?! Match!
Dr. Madeleine Swann – played by Léa Seydoux, Dr Swann marks a new era of Bond girls. As a psychologist she is highly intelligent, strong and values brains over brawn. We don’t know much about this new girl yet but could it be a match?
Lucia Sciarra – played by ultimate Italian sex symbol Monica Bellucci, Sciarra is the oldest Bond girl yet. She plays an elegant Italian widow in Spectre and seems suitably mysterious. We’re sure Bond would swipe right!

So tell us… would you swipe right for Bond?



katyJames Bond on Tinder – Would *You* Swipe Right?

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