INSTNT – The Dating App For Singles Who Are Sick of Going it Alone (And Aren’t Nearly as Lazy as me)

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01_Home1-1600x584I am regularly being sent details about new dating apps – many of them, a variation on Tinder, some with an extra twist. INSTNT is one such app – launched by young entrepreneurs Chris Seddon and James Gee, who they, themselves, grew tired of one-on-one dating as it stands, INSTNT  is a group dating app developed from the belief in spontaneity and strength in numbers.

The app connects you and your friends with other groups instantly and allows groups to upload ‘real-time’ pictures, swipe and find a match, then message and arrange to meet instantly in a safe and friendly environment.

01_Home1-minOne-on-one dating is proven to be daunting, time consuming and has a low success rate. Unlike other dating apps INSTNT realises the advantages of a group dynamic, helping to break down the barriers of awkward one-on-one dating, bridging the gap between groups and encouraging new found friendships or relationships.

Chris Seddon, Co-Founder of INSTNT commented:

“In a growing culture of impatience more and more of us are heading online for the convenience factor, but online dating rarely lives up to expectation. INSTNT was born after observing the many flaws in one-on-one dating and the negative preconceptions that come with it, including endless swiping, unimaginative messaging and not to mention awkward first dates.

As a result, we have developed an app that is essentially a hybrid of Snapchat and Tinder, cutting out the pressure of one-on-one dating and providing a platform for relaxed dating scenarios amongst friends. INSTNT promotes spontaneity and strength in numbers, it multiplies your chances of having fun, and brings the excitement back to dating.”

How does it work?

  • Download the app via ITunes or the INSTNT website
  • Take a selfie of you and your friends, this can be single or mixed sex groups aged [18-55+]. Tageveryone in the picture.
  • Pin your location to whereabouts you’re hanging out. Groups within a distance of your choice willthen be able to see your group selfie.
  • Swipe right for groups of your choice. Once you have matched with another group arrange tomeet up instantly.

My thoughts? A hybrid of other social media sites, uploading selfies, tagging friends, pinning locations and getting you’re entire group to relocate to another venue.

Hmm, either I’m getting old and lazy or this sounds like a lot of hard work – but then time will tell – and, to be fair, I thought Snapchat was a type of ginger biscuit until a couple of months ago, I’m probably the wrong person to ask.

Enjoy, kids.



katyINSTNT – The Dating App For Singles Who Are Sick of Going it Alone (And Aren’t Nearly as Lazy as me)

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