Why Men Hate Valentine’s Day.

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Urgg, it’s around the corner, I suppose I should write about it really, being a dating and relationship blogger. Valentine’s Day. Woo-hoo. The thing I like most about Valentine’s Day is slagging it off, that and laughing at couples falling for the ’24 hours of love’ over-priced restaurants and bouquets … Read More

katyWhy Men Hate Valentine’s Day.

How to do Christmas When You’re Single.

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Christmas is a funny time of year. The pressure of having a perfect day itself, re-mortgaging your house to keep up with ‘the Jones’ regarding present buying and ensuring that your diary is brimming with Christmas parties and celebration drinks beforehand, all work towards making sure that sometimes, it is … Read More

katyHow to do Christmas When You’re Single.

Out With the Old.

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I had a conversation with a friend last night, she was anxious about the fact that she had been single for a while and, wishing to meet someone new, was confused at to why this wasn’t happening. We mulled the issue over and came to realise that she wasn’t – … Read More

katyOut With the Old.

Suspicious Minds – Why It’s Never Ok to Check Your Partner’s Phone.

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It’s no secret that I am a little backward when it comes to technology. I was recently given (aka tied into another two-year contract) a new iPhone 6, it took me two weeks to bother to take it out of the box and I still have no idea what all … Read More

katySuspicious Minds – Why It’s Never Ok to Check Your Partner’s Phone.