Thai Square Spa – an oasis of calm in the middle of London

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images-22Why can’t I get a boyfriend? If I had a pound for every time I’d heard gorgeous, successful women ask this question I’d be on an island in Barbados now. Having a relationship seems to be the holy grail of happiness these days and whilst I won’t dispute that boyfriends can be fun, amongst the mad panic to find one, girls forget something.

Not only is being single a riot – and trust me one day you’ll reflect on your single days with warmth and nostalgia, but walking around questioning why you don’t have a boyfriend (not literally, let’s hope things haven’t got that bad quite yet) is not conducive to getting one –  being good to yourself is.

Yep, it all sounds very woo woo and new age, but seriously, coming from someone who used to begrudge the cost of a manicure, one of my favourite things to do now  (because as a single girl I have plenty of disposable time – another bonus) is to pamper.

Pampering, almost as good as sex.

For now.

Recently, I was lucky enough to enjoy a fabulous Mother of Pearl Body Scrub at Thai Square Spa in London’s Covent Garden, and it was *awesome*. Not only did, I feel like I was in Thailand, with the impeccable style the Spa is decorated but the actually scrub itself was fabulous and, being priced very reasonably, something that I fully intend on having again. Unknown-8

The Mother of Pearl Body Scrub was relaxing and invigorating in equal measure and my skin felt silky soft afterwards.

Thai Square Spa couldn’t be positioned better and gives you no excuse not to spoil yourself, being bang in the middle of Covent Garden it’s a great place to escape the chaos of London for a relaxing massage or cheeky facial!

We don’t think twice about spending £50 quid on a night out and yet pamper ourselves far to little in this country! The Body Scrub left me feeling refreshed and spoilt rotten, it was an absolute treat and a good reminder that you don’t need anyone else to  spoil you, with an oasis like Thai Square, you can do it all yourself.



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katyThai Square Spa – an oasis of calm in the middle of London

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