Why More Than Half Of British Women Like To Be The Boss In The Bedroom

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There is some research which will always come as welcome news – and it would seem that, when it comes to guaranteeing that all important orgasm, women know what pushes their buttons. 

Did you know that …

Almost half (48%) of women are better at making themselves peak

Nearly 1 in 4 women self-pleasure on a weekly basis

- Almost a third find masturbation good for stress relief



Nova Box UprightThe awesome We-Vibe pleasure toy site recently released some fascinating research, in honour of the launch of the new Nova vibrator, revealing that women like to be the boss in the bedroom! In fact they are so in charge of their own satisfaction that overall self-pleasure comes out on top.

More than half of women said they like to dominate (51%) because they enjoy being in control and an even higher proportion (67%) are confident in telling their partners what they like.

But there’s more to be said as age-old clichés are still a barrier to satisfaction between the sheets.

A quarter of women are put off sex by a lack of foreplay, which might be why nearly 20% of women don’t climax through sex. More than half (53%) of women admitted they have faked an orgasm compared to just a mere 17% of men. Nearly six in ten women (57%) admitted faking it as they didn’t want to offend their partner. But modern lifestyle could also be playing a part as 46% were simply impatient and wanted to finish quickly!

However lots of climax success is to be had alone. Almost half of women (48%) said they are better at making themselves peak than their partners. Which might be why a third of women enjoy self-pleasure and sexual intercourse in equal measure. Nearly 1 in 4 indulge themselves on a weekly basis and almost a third find it good for stress relief.

There are some pleasures that can only be had with a partner though. Just over half of women (65%) enjoy the affection and closeness that sex brings. Whilst 42% of women said penetrative sex is most likely to make them climax, closely followed by a third that peak most from oral sex.

RS3684_nova display card -RGB OctDr Becky Spelman, psychologist and We-Vibe’s relationship expert says: “One of the most enlightened elements of recent sexual-social development is how open and aware women in particular have become over taking ownership of their own pleasure. Even a decade ago there were still many social barriers which impacted on women owning their self-pleasure, but this new research backs up the evidence I see on a daily basis with female clients able to communicate their own needs to themselves.”

The new Nova by We-Vibe is the ideal toy for the masters of self-pleasure. Offering simultaneous G-Spot and clitoral vibration. Its unique clitoral stimulator flexes with movement to stay in contact at all times and intensify your orgasms. Over 10 vibration modes takes your climax to new heights. You can even take the Nova in the bath or shower!

Dr Becky continues: “We often talk about how technology can take us away from connection with ourselves and others but the rise of sex toys and the breakdown of taboos around these, has created a technology-led path to pleasure, which actually increases our ability to connect with both our own sexuality and that of our partner.”

This We-Vibe reinvention of the rabbit even comes with the We-Connect smartphone app. The free app provides couples with the opportunity to control their partners’ vibrations from across the room or from anywhere in the world. It is available on Google Playand in theApp Store™.

Nova by We-Vibe is available at Ann Summers RRP £107. More information on Nova can be found at we-vibe.com/nova.  

katyWhy More Than Half Of British Women Like To Be The Boss In The Bedroom

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